The way to peace is love. The way to love is truth.

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I hear the voice of one crying in the wilderness
Africa weeping for her babes
The wicked carried us away captives.

Missionaries claimed they came in peace
But the pagans only came to kill and thief
To colonize and loot and preach their beliefs
African youths don’t you be deceived

You chameleon, where is the peace?
Your motive was to kill and thief
You propagandized the truth, but that’s your belief
Run out dirty brutes, to the bottom of the seas

From the harlot lie down with the beast
Grudge and covetousness conceived
Wanting everything that they saw in the East
Desiring the roles of the Kings and Priests

By much scheming they were able to deceive
While we showed love, they showed us their teeth
Point guns in our faces, bound us in heaps
Separate the strong to keep u weak
But there will be no peace

The way to peace is Love; the way to Love is Truth
The way to peace is Love; the way to Love is Truth

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The world is deprived am here to help them understand
About the royal priesthood, chosen nation
Peculiar people, every African
Remember from where you fell and take your stand

Come together for this revolution
Without any doubt Babylon is going down
JAH will have them in derision
Then shall he speak with his wrath and vexation

The way to peace is Love; the way to Love is Truth
The way to peace is Love; the way to Love is Truth

I hear them talking about we are cursed
Because of the complexion of our skin
With their mythical curse of Ham the son of Noah
But had they rendered Jesus Immanuel Christ as he is
Their people would not have accepted him
Yet they want us to accept a white idol
Know thyself, Oh Africans know thyself
Don’t let missionaries colonize you
don’t let pirates tell you who you are. KNOW THYSELF

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The more you grow, repent
Get off their turf and from under their tent
I get to understand that’s pagan’s convent
What was hidden from the prudent and the wise
Stolen Legacy, Sinai rectified

The truth about the pass can no longer hide
Adonai reveals it in these last times
Youths know yourselves and renew your minds
The root of King David prevails every time
His lineage and blood run strong in our loins
Tell the world the truth and leave the lies behind.

The way to peace is Love; the way to Love is Truth
The way to peace is Love; the way to Love is Truth



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