Do men make women into sex objects or do women make themselves sex objects?

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On our Facebook Page we used to post a lot of sexy women, very sexy. One day, a follower sent us the following message:

“All this political awareness…but what about the social issues? like contributing to the idea that women are sex objects??? if a woman exploits herself…are u willing to help her do it? don’t we have an obligation to teach others respect for themselves? just wondering what u think about this..”

This was our response:

First, I agree that we all absolutely have a responsibility to uplift each other and helping someone to respect themselves is definitely an upliftment. The question on whether or not we would be willing to help a woman exploit herself is a loaded question. It depends on what you deem to be exploitation. I think a woman being sexy in moderation is a good thing, and I don’t mean going to a club dressed like you were lying on the beach, although a woman lying on the beach dressed like she is lying on the beach is a good thing also.

I remember growing up in Jamaica when songs like ‘Batty Rider’ and ‘Pum Pum shorts’ had the dancehalls in heat. Back then I would only dance with the girls that had on a batty rider. Was that helping the girl to exploit herself? When girls send us sexy pictures to post, are we helping to exploit these girls? I guess it all depends how you look at it. The bottom line answer is, women are not sexual objects and we would not deliberately contribute to such. I think 18 Karat Reggae has being doing its part to encourage the young ladies to have respect for themselves though. With that said I leave you with the lyrics from ‘Do you wanna live’ by Boom Viniyard the Rebel priest.

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Wild roses from the ghettos
You rude as hell,why you won’t listen
You don’t want no disipline, you don’t want no principle
What’s up with you? What’s up with you?
So your smoking cigarettes, you drinking and you clubbing
You popping Ecstasy and you snorting cocaine
You no wear no underwear,you flex so obscene
I hope you live to see your sweet sixteen

Do You Wanna Live?
Tell me! Do you wanna live?
Living amongst the dead, you better know
You only killing yourself (2x)

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Killing yourself,shaking your thing
Like a tambourine, those pretty legs
Dem always opening,you so beautiful
But your insides not clean
You pregnant with evil, you living a dream
Careless rose, inside you is a Queen
And she needs to live
We are intelligent beings
Stop bringing our nation down , with your careless living
For that ah bring down thing


Me sistren, this bitch is the system
That old dirty shitem
But we will be judged for our actions
Hope unuh a hear me kings
When momma don’t care
Sisters don’t know
And pappa queer
Brothers need a clue
Bagga bo just grow the queens
And JAH will see us through
JAH will see us through
If we want to live!


I’m killing myself
Giving myself unto woes
Smoking cigars, and drinking booze
Me can’t believe ah dis ah gwan, me mussy blown a fuse
Meditation bruise, Im singing the blues.



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  1. yeah its a mixture so ingrained in society its in fashion while guys shorts get longer wider more baggy and daggy chic’s stuff gets shorter tighter more revealin to the pleasin so many of my friends are tranz so i get it in the philippines “aint no foreign chic comin down here to marry me off and take me off to a land of plenty but well and if im gay or more a ladyboy well im in da runnin race while da guy’s watchall there friends run for da foreigner yeah its the money after all but yeah and the big thing is how u see da ladies ,she ur mom u’r sistah etc u’r friends internet porn dont help an all da’t shit its about attitude as such and woman are far greater evolved then guys i tried being one for 15yrs of my life so i kinda got an idea this is a thousands of years old this issue i just dont think dat it would go down to well if guys start wearin skimpy shorts with there balls kinda hangin out or at the beach in a thong or even still wearin huggintights some places you’d be bash to death while others would except u as just doin ur thing i kinda think chics no when there shorts are 2 short or ya’ boobies are hangin out of ya singlet and to me theres self respect right there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. None of the above I just thinl women wants to impress us as men but they feel unsure on how to do it,then they start postin naked pictures of them on the web to get our(mens) attention.instead of helping them right we encourage them to post more and more sexual pictures of them on the web. We as men should protect our women love them and treat them right. FIRE JAHRASTAFARI

  3. Yes I, InI truly agree with you want you say is real word sound. I as an Queen see nothing wrong with a women being proud of how beautifully The Most High has made her, as long as its done tastefully, that being said; I myself could not and would not exspose my temple in such a manner, due to the fact that my body is reserved for my King’s eye’s only. To each their own InI don’t stand in judgement.

  4. I know women who did it. The problem,for me,is not that women don’t respect themselves! sure,they do. But this buisness makes a lot of money! and some men make some women to do instead they don’t agree just to make money.this makes me angry.i think: for one woman happy to do,10 do it to live or someone make them do. I call them proxenets. I hate them. they are enemies for know “Jacques Mesrine”? He hated them too.they trully are in system.they don’t care of humanity,love,and justice. but when they will die,the real judge will be there.don’t care! live your life men. continue to exploit human race. you’ll regret. but,don’t frightened. Not in this life! Be sure he sees your life and all what you do. don’t worry. Be happy. You’re strong bad men! But you’re men just like us. Remember! That’s all i wanna tell them. everyone knows what he makes.

  5. Its all up to the queen if she wants to be that. A man can look, fall out,yell, say rude things,eyes pop out their head. Say anything to see her nude or in Lil itty bitty clothes. She doesn’t have to play that roll,its all up to hear and how mind strong she is, and if she knows who she is as a queen

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