Thank You Jah: The story behind the song.

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Thank you JAH
Thank you JAH

This is my story behind the song “Thank You Jah“.

I wrote “Thank You Jah” at a low point in my life. I lost everything that I worked for years to build, and learned how easily hard work is undone. But one thing I know is tomorrow is another day. I wanted to reflect on the past and look to the future, and make sure that I thanked Jah of course! After all, every new day is a gift, that is why it is called “the present”.

I had nothing. I left my girl and two kids to advance myself as a musician and instead I found ruin.

I met a girl with an oxymoronic name that I thought would bring me joy but she was a nightmare. She was a very talented artist and instead of following my initial path of working on my career, I decided to work with this girl and venture into hip hop. My thinking was that hip hop had a bigger market and more crossover appeal but this girl was impossible to work with.

I spent all the money I had saved to work on my solo career on the project with me and this girl only to have it shelved. The sad part of it is, the project contained some beautiful songs that everyone who heard them including the rapper, Khia, thought they had the potential to become huge hits.

The fact that I was dating this girl gave her the opportunity to have a lot of influence on me and it was a real terrible influence. It took me years to realize the importance of choosing the right woman. I didn’t know it at the start of our intimacy but I later found out she was an alcoholic and a cokehead. She had these two beautiful twin boys from a previous relationship who I really loved but as I said, she was a nightmare. She crashed my car after taking it partying without my permission or without me even knowing about it. When I confronted her about this, she hit me in the face with the hard edge of a tennis racquet, cracking my face open and leaving a scar that I still carry today and will carry for the rest of my life.

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My first time being locked up was because of the girl and her negative influence. Because of her, my friends lost all respect for me. Even the ones that treated me like a star would not even offer me a ride when they passed me on the street after she crashed my car. It was at this point I started seeing the great mistake of leaving my family back in New York City all in the sake of advancing my reggae music career.

The best thing that happened to me after abandoning my family was me getting locked up. I was always getting into trouble with the corrections officers, however, time in a lonely cell inspired to write even more than I used to before my incarceration. I used to trade my food for paper just so I would be able to write more. I ended up writing an entire book about leaving my family behind and hooking up with this girl who I thought would bring me joy but was nothing but a nightmare

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Just like that, all because of making a bad decision and getting intimate with the wrong woman, everything I had that was of value was gone. My children, the good woman I left back in New York City, my car, my home and damn near my sanity, was all gone. I really derailed my life and my career. A few months with this nightmare of a woman really felt like a couple of years. It was a really emotional tumultuous time for me.

It was after this experience in Florida that I wrote “Thank You Jah”; because, man only Jah knows how I survived those perilous times.

Thank you Jah, I am on my feet again. Never underestimate the value of a second chance.

Thank You Jah will be released this Friday, August 7th. It will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube and all other major music platforms. It is just one of the beautiful songs from the album “18 Karat Reggae presents Boom Viniyard chronicles” which will be released in Mid-November.



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