Did Hillary Clinton support segregation?

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Google the title of this post and you will find thousands of articles saying that Hillary Clinton supported segregation back in the early 60s. So why would I Google such a question in the first place? What lead me to google the question in the first place was an online conversation with a supporter of Bernie Sanders who was trying to convince me that Black voters should chose Sanders over Clinton.

Here is an excerpt from the person’s comment:

The fact is, in 1963, not only was Hillary Clinton a republican, but she was also a staunch supporter of republican Senator Barry Goldwater, well known as a segregationist and one of the most vocal senators adamantly against the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which is why he lost in his presidential bid to Lyndon B. Johnson. She described herself in her memoirs as ‘an active Young Republican’ and ‘a Goldwater girl, right down to her cowgirl outfit.

I found the statement difficult to belie and had to do my own research. The following is what I found out:

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Yes, Hillary was in fact a republican in 1963 and she was a strong supporter of Barry Goldwater a staunch segregationist. In 2016 it is impossible to understand fully why Clinton would support a segregationist in 1963, but from her own words Hillary seemed to have enjoyed those times. “My best friend and I became quote ‘Goldwater Girls,’ Clinton said. “We got to wear cowboy hats. We had a sash that said, you know, I voted AUH2O. I mean, it was really a lot of fun.”

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Does the fact that Hillary supported a segregationist senator means that she indirectly supported segregation?



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  1. “Does the fact that Hillary supported a segregationist senator means that she indirectly supported segregation?”


    • She was not 15 years old. She was a young republican all through college and did not become a democrat until law school. Because it presented a better opportunity for a woman in politics.

      She has always been right of center in American politics.

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