Hillary Clinton is the best option for Democrats.

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Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

In the upcoming 2016 presidential elections, democrats don’t see any other option but Hillary Clinton. In fact, Clinton is now preparing for her presidential campaign despite of outrage and criticism. Democrats are not the only individuals who are ready for Clinton because there are also supporters who are pro for her presidency. As a matter of fact, the “super PAC” is desperate for Clinton to lead the elections.

Congressional democrats count on her strong campaign in order to bring them back in terms of majority supremacy. In all levels, party leaders are actually in favor of her fund-raising assistance as well as demographic appeal. The pseudo-incumbency of Clinton is in fact papering over substantial cons including weak bench, long term House minority, and white middle-class flawing the Republican Party even faster than that of the Democrats demographic future which is anticipated to turn up.

Many democrats are saying that Clinton is great to fail. A fund-raiser and Democratic donor named Sarah Kovner said that there’s no one who can be a better option than Clinton. Apparently, Clinton is well experienced and most qualified person to potentially become the best option in the 2016 presidency. The urgent need of her party so that she will succeed in spite of using private e-mail add as her government correspondence being the State secretary is that there’s no easy way in replacing her.

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Within 2 years, Clinton has served as the prohibitive choice when it comes to the 2016 Democratic presidential selection. It actually keeps as the best alternative for the party while depriving those remaining as possible staff and donors. Senior Democrats in fact have built its own multimillion dollar political infrastructure in order to secure her candidacy.

Democrats are gently tamping down issues regarding its deeply invested single-flag bearer. However, House Democrats believe that the impending candidacy of Clinton has actually figured centrally through pitches for donors who are in fact cynical in terms of their probability of winning in the elections.

Perhaps, the long-looming candidacy of Clinton has served as the unifying force from the democrats. Her broad knowledge and appeal in democratic voters alone are preventing liberal complaints versus Wall Street faction party from flourishing in the electoral insurgency. Clinton’s star power s well as her potential ceiling-breaking victory in the White House has also supported in obscuring vexing reality from post Obama’s Democratic Party.
When people are talking about the 2016 presidential elections, Clinton has been the choice of many democrats. In fact, her acknowledged fund-raising competence has significantly overshadowed financial issues in the Democratic Party as well as other liberal groups that support it. As many democrats believe that Clinton is the best solution, there’s no one else to match her appeal to people.

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Even before the recent problems of Clinton, democrats already see her as the ultimate option. Despite of the electorate expectations, the Democratic Party still believe in Clinton’s potential to win the 2016 presidency which is actually fast approaching. However, fingers crossed for Mrs. Hillary Clinton’s win.



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  1. This is article has a lot left on the table. For one, did the author consider that HC is not the DNC’s prohibitive party. When a President wins an election in the United States the President not only represents the people of the United States but becomes defacto leader of the Party. Bill and Hillary Clinton erected a political arm of the Democratic Party to take power away from the “McGovern” stalwarts. This old boy Democratic Party was losing each election by pandering too much to the Left. The Clinton’s built a wing the would govern from the center. When Bill left office HC thought she could depend on this leadership to win against Obama. She thought wrong. This machine was out of step with young Americans who flocked in droves to Obama. Obama is in solid control of this political machine, the DNC. The issue here is HC’s wing trashed Obama and played on racism to defeat Obama. So HC has had to rely on big contributor just like she did when she initially lost the Obama. The only people that are supporting HC are news outlets trying to court favor with the candidate so when the real campaigning starts they can be close to the campaign. This is standard practice in America. The second flaw of this article is that it is either written with old data. For example, over the past two nights Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders spoke in front of nearly 40,000 people. No candidate, Democrat or Republican has managed to generate more than a few thousand per outing. If there no other candidate could in fact reach the Democratic popular imagination who is showing up at Sander’s rallies? Republicans? The author needs to spend a few more months researching and reading political news.

    • Great thoughts. I enjoyed reading that. I still think with the support Hillary will get from women, especially with Donald Trump accidentally helping her, she is favored to win right now.

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