Death of the Confederate Flag: The Damning of American History’s X.

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confederate flag
confederate flag

By Gigi James.

The Confederate Flag is finally making its way to the fiery grave where it belongs. The Confederate flag has become an American entity whose symbolism of consistently conjures up impassioned emotions of polar opposites depending on the beholder- one either despises it with utter contempt or the other is filled with so much loyalty, they are willing to sacrifice their mother for its sake. The only other symbol of the world that dares to be as stirring is the Swastika of the 3rd Reich.

However, the difference between the Swastika and the Confederate Flag – is that there are no collective groups of bitter old Nazis fighting judicially to preserve the Swastika’s sanctity. Apparently, the Nazis – noted to be some of the most highly intelligent beings of terror to soil their way through World history- said, “Look. We lost. We tried to take over the world and got our asses handed to us. Let’s not embarrass ourselves any further… nor become targets of revenge either.” Today, when you see a swastika outside of an historical landmark, it is worn boldly by a member of the Aryan Nation alongside, get this-The Confederate Flag. Oh, the love…

History has taught us that we mere mortals just love to hold on to things. We hold baby hair, first shoes, vacation souvenirs, yearbooks, scrapbooks and anything else from our lives we can to remember. We even hold ashes of the dead. Whose bright idea was it to put Grandpa’s cremains on the fireplace mantel? Somebody who just couldn’t let go, that’s who. Southerners are prime examples of memorial hoards (and very sore losers). They clutch the Confederate Flag tighter than cheap pearls in a windstorm and recite ad nauseum that it’s the flag of their heritage.

Southerners want the flag everywhere as a reminder of the giant assholian history of hate and heinous acts they possess. The flag has been used in the most horrific and deplorable ways of humankind – as a calling card of sorts to initiate crippling fear and terror in the core of any non-White, non-Christian, or non-Southerner to lay eyes upon it: just as the Ku Klux Klan intended when they adopted it as their flag.

The Confederate Flag represented the menacing White men cloaked in white robes as they burned crosses on Black lawns in the middle of the night. The Confederate Flag led the trucks carrying Molotov Cocktails that its riders threw into the quiet homes of peacefully sleeping Black children with pictures of White Jesus decorating their bedroom walls. The Confederate Flag was draped on Black and Indian toddlers as they were forced to witness the lynching of their parents screaming blood curdling screams and hanging from trees as their alive flesh burned to the ground just before they themselves had their lives ripped out from them. The Confederate Flag flew boldly on poles center of Old Glory and State flags of The South in front of WHITES ONLY Hospitals.

The Confederate Flag blazoned the hats of rotten, gin soaked old men with red necks to keep the sun out of their eyes while they fed Black babies to alligators and crocodiles in the Louisiana bayous. The Confederate Flag wore proudly on the arms of sinister rogues as they beat unarmed defenseless men of color and foreigners tied to tattered old pick-up trucks that dragged them to their gruesome deaths. The Confederate Flag was the god Domestic Terrorist Dylann Roof worshiped when he opened fire into nine Black Church members that cut off their lives from the Earth and their loved ones until Kingdom Come. The Confederate Flag speaks loud and clear – pure evil lies in the big blue X on that backdrop of red.

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“You raped our women, you are taking over our country…” ~Dylann Roof, Domestic Terrorist
Had Dylann Roof not been connected to a Confederate Flag and the people he murdered not been Black, Dylann would most likely not be facing Federal Hate Crime charges today. White People + Brutality on Black/Non-White People + Confederate Flag = RACIST HATE CRIME. End of Story. The only time the Confederate Flag may have not been threatening was during the ‘80s when the hit show, Dukes of Hazzard aired with main characters Bo and Luke Duke tearing through the backwoods in the Dodge Charger named “General Lee” that was painted the Confederate flag.

I, personally, loved that show and even had a General Lee lunch box – up until I discovered for what that flag stood. I learned the hard way too – my babysitter’s neighbor and de facto BFF, Paul – a lanky blonde haired blue eyed boy with whom I spent many days playing outside in a Ft. Lauderdale neighborhood (which today is now the gayest neighborhood in Ft. Lauderdale) called actor John Schneider (Bo Duke) a “no good Yankee,” while we sat together in front of the big console TV one Friday night to watch the show. I was 5. Bed wetter Paul was 7. Paul emphatically explained to me how Yankees were no good and were a threat to the South. I, being an advanced 5 year old (probably because I was born in Brooklyn…), learned right there that my buddy Paul in addition to having poor personal hygiene and the I.Q. of a bed sheet was a full bred White Supremacist. He, like many Confederate flag bearers from my observation (I’d observed a LOT by then), had been taught to believe Whites are the superior race. The Bible told them so. It was even confirmed by the Saturday morning cartoons on the TBN channel with White Jesus, White Davy & Brown Dog Goliath; and in church hymns featuring lyrics, “make me clean and I will be White as snow….” There is no way they could be wrong. And, like his parents, Paul could not fathom being even remotely racist because he [graciously] lived on a block with two Black families and possessed a Black friend or two for good measure. Is that dangerous? He was just a kid. Of course it is. At the age of SEVEN, that child –who could not pass a standardized reading exam without a special education program- exhibited a ferocious allegiance to a stupid flag that represented his Southern heritage of Supreme Whiteness. But, if push came to shove – his loyalty and life would lay behind the man-made idol and not another human life. He would easily throw me –the little long-haired brown girl who shared the peanut butter cookies my babysitter made- right UNDER his short yellow bus if the choice was between saving me and the flag from a pack of wolves. Paul went apeshit when I let my babysitter’s sick dog, Misty, go poopy all over his beloved flag after he left it in my babysitter’s yard one afternoon when he had worn it over as a cape. Then it rained… While Paul went through the course of his tangent, I watched him fearlessly (I did go to Catholic School) and I realized that the rambling idiot had no clue why he was doing what he was doing. Yet, I knew he was trying his damnedest to make me cry… (Okay, he could have been rightfully pissed about the German Shepard diarrhea crudely matted into his personal property.)

“I gots nothin’ against niggers…” ~Danger Barch (Million Dollar Baby)
Some might deem it necessary to argue for argument’s sake, but Gigi – Paul was clearly White Trash. You can’t take into consideration what White Trash do or say about the Good Ol’ Confederacy. Yes, I can. They didn’t label Dylann Roof a terrorist. They didn’t’ fire six warning shots into his back either. As long as he was wrapped up in The Flag, Dylan Roof was insane. Roll out the pity party committee because for three days, the internet and news channels have been flooded with psycho-analyses about why he may have been cuckoo when it really only takes ten seconds to assess that he was an every day hate filled White Supremacist pissed off with the world and its not-so-Whiteness. The Confederate Flag became his defense. Southern politicians and Preachers creeped out of the woodwork Children of the Corn Style -summoned by a force the flag emits to preposterously aid a young person bearing the X post hate crime.

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“The Confederate Flag belongs in a museum,” ~President Barack Obama
In my career, I have had the opportunity to interview or speak with many great witnesses of history – in particular survivors of Jim Crow. I could talk to ten different people from ten different towns that were separated by a hundred miles each – and they all have the same disposition when it comes to the Confederate Flag – its mere existence angers them to no end. They hate it and can even evoke tears of bitterness and deeply wounding sorrow. The Flag is a victory to the very people that oppressed them and rendered them helpless. The Flag haunted them, “One… two… Confederates coming for you…. Three… four… you can’t shut your door…. Five, six… Crucifix….”
Until… hope came in a different light:

pissing on the confederate flag
pissing on the confederate flag

South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley (R), the politico who is often referred to by my bestie, Bob, as a self-loathing anchor baby, finally, announced she was ordering the removal of the damned flag from State Capitol Building.

“July 4th is just around the corner. It will be fitting that our state Capitol will soon fly the flags of our country & State, and no others.” ~Indian Nikki Tweeted to her stupid followers.

Her announcement comes in time before Domestic Terrorist Dylann Roof’s murder victim – Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney, a state senator as well as the pastor of Emanuel AME Church, is set to lie in state at the capitol. Apparently, no matter how many strong hints from the POTUS, Sen. Bernie Sanders, National Action Network and NAACP official – Rev. Nelson B. Rivers III, and even MITT ROMNEY threw at Nikki to take down The Damned Flag – she would have left it up to waive right in the dead face of a man slain by the Flag’s sociopath supporter had there not been some assembly rising to vote on its removal. I guess Nikki realized Lindsay Graham’s ancient ass can only salvage but so much of her political career while his very own has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Nikki comes from Hindu parents. One would think she’d know a thing or two about bad juju…

While many of us the world over truly wish this tragedy never happened in the first place, but if anything positive is to come out of this is that we hope Domestic Terrorists like Dylann Roof will be recognized for what they are – domestic terrorists and that damned flag gets put away for good. If the Confederate Flag’s supporters have a problem with it – let them be registered in theFBI database. They wanna fly The Flag – fly it in the bathroom right next to the toilet…. (or, is that OutHouse).

Gigi James
Author, I Didn’t Sign Up For This! and YOURS,TRUDEE



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