Will one good Christian please stand up?

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Christianity and evil
Christianity and evil

When president Obama said that a lot of evil has been done in the name of Christianity, he was vilified by the Christian community, especially the Christian right. Even though Obama was absolutely correct, the ego of most Christians will not allow them to admit it.

Colonization of Africa was done with the name of Jesus Christ and in the name of Jesus Christ. The millions of Africans who died on the high seas and whose bodies were used to fatten the sharks, those evil were done in the name of Jesus Christ. Over 400 years of slavery was down in the name of Jesus Christ. The hanging, the burning of Blacks in the South, even of little babies, that was done in the name of Jesus Christ.

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Religions are divisive overall. Sometimes I think that is their main purpose. If Christianity is not the most evil religion of all religions, it is definitely the most evil where Africans are concerned. No other Religion had inflicted such pain on the continent of Africa and the African people scattered all over the world. In fact, it is the evilness of Christianity why Black are scattered all over the world.

The sad thing is, while Christians are coming out of the wood works to verbally lynch President Obama, not one good Christian can be found to stand up and come to his defense. Not one good Christian can be found to say, “Yes, Jim Crow was wrong, slavery was wrong, we were wrong in slaughtering African children”, not one. Is there not one good Christian in these United States of America?

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Leave up to Christians and a few years from now they will deny that Catholic priests used to rape little boys or they will find a way to justify it.

I said it before and I will say it again; all religions have done some grossly evil deeds in the name of their religion. President Obama was correct and should not be dragged through the mud for speaking the truth. Will one good Christian please stand up and say something in his defense?

One good Christian, PLEASE STAND UP!



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  1. Good humans! please! stand up! to” chase the devil”! it’s too long! he’s laughing of us! all together! let it be! let love be true! we’re all waiting for! it’s time men! give them love! make them cry! Jah! Rastafari!

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