Jamaicans tricked into believing their late prime minister is buried on the island.

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Edward Seaga casket
Edward Seaga casket

Jamaica’s former prime minister, Edward Seaga, has tricked Jamaicans in death the same way he tricked them while he was alive. The man who while he was alive tricked many Jamaicans into believing that Democratic Socialism, Michael Manley, Fidel Castro and Cuba were all evil, has once again trick the Jamaican people, this time in death.

Jamaicans are convinced that the body of Seaga is buried on the island, the country where he lived his entire life. 18 Karat Reggae has learned, however, that Edward Seaga’s body is actually buried in Boston, Massachusetts, where he was born.

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It is understood that Mr. Seaga wanted to be buried next to his parents and that was the reason for his decision. To pacify Jamcians they came up with an elaborate plan that shipped an empty casket to Jamaica from Miami where Mr. Seaga was hospitalized. The Jamaican people were told that Mr. Seaga wanted a closed casket burial so the empty casket would not have to be opened.

So while Mr. Seaga’s funeral was kept in Jamaica, his body is actually in the place of his birth, the United States.

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