The reason Vybz Kartel is considered the greatest and not Sizzla.

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Sizzla and Vybz Kartel
Sizzla and Vybz Kartel

Many Dancehall fans consider Vybz Kartel the best songwriter in the genre even though Sizzla has both the quality and quantity to say otherwise.

Sizzla is the greatest dancehall reggae artist ever, it should be undisputed. The singjay is head and shoulder above the others in his field with only the prophet Capleton and maybe Buju Banton even coming close.

Sizzla will never get his rightful title as the greatest, however, at least not in Jamaica. The irony of this is that Sizzla has lyrics that described the exact reason why he will never be considered the greatest, even though he is. In the song Rain shower, Sizzla sings:

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Mi done tell you, Ethiopia is the first
Mi burn Jamaica, a that Babylon corrupt curse

If you look at Jamaica right now and the rampant crime rate where even children and women are being executed, the island does look “corrupt and curse” as Sizzla puts it. In some communities people have become desensitized to the crime and violence.

When you are known for lyrics like, “To see love amongst my friends, to Sizzla that is heaven”, there is no way you will be embraced over a convicted murderer in a country that is one of the leaders in the world when it comes to murder per capita.

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When you sing songs like “I have no white god” and “Black woman and child for you I have so much love”, you will not be embraced over a skin bleacher, at least not in a country that leads the world in skin bleaching per capita.

The truth is, Sizzla represents what Jamaica should strive to be and eventually becomes. Vybz Kartel represents what Jamaica is right now.

Vybz Kartel appeal to the worst of Jamaica; the senseless murdering daily, the disrespect of each other, the skin bleaching and destruction of the Black nation.



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  1. Bob Marley is the greatest song writer ever so who ever is saying sizzla is check back ur history again Bob is a profit

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