Reggae Star Anthony B Arrested in Trinidad.

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Anthony B
Anthony B

Reggae Star Anthony B was detained by Trinidadian police yesterday, minutes after a performance at the Hasley Crawford training grounds.

Anthony B was escorted to court immediately to answer to charges of absconding a debt of US$6,000. He was represented by attorney Fitzgerald Hinds and appeared before Justice Des Vignes at Court 20 at Hall of Justice.

“They came for me just a few minutes after I had finished performing, they didn’t want to put any handcuffs on me because they were afraid of how the crowd might react. I am just sorry that I wasn’t able to sign any autographs for the long line of people backstage,” Anthony B told 18 Karat Reggae after he was released.

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Anthony B said promoter and complainant Barry Lewis had booked him for a show two years ago, but he had beenwas unable to go because of his legal problems in the US, which prevented him from traveling at that time.

Anthony B said that the promoter for the show he worked on Saturday night was aware of the problem and had made provisions to pay the court the full sum owed.

Anthony B commended the professionalism of the law enforcement officials and the excellent conduct of the judge. He said their conduct would go a long way to “improve Jamaica-Trinidad foreign relations”.

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“The promoter wanted to get a stoppage order, which would stipulate that I couldn’t come back to Trinidad to perform unless it was for him. The judge refused to do that because that would infringe on my ’employment of trade’ rights,” Anthony B said.

Anthony B was ordered by the court to pay the complainant US$7,000. He is expected to return to Jamaica today.



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