Koffee found another winner.

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Koffee seems yet again to find the winner with her new song “lockdown” even while coming under intense pressure to disclose her sexual preference.

Well, the fans don’t seems to care and they displayed just that when they make Koffee’s lockdown the fastest reggae song to hit a million views on YouTube, Koffee and her entourage are smiling all the way to the bank. Yes this seems again like a winner.

The video have Koffee looking thinner and displaying a toned body with curved biceps. Koffee play it safe on this one, flirting but not indulging, though she make her intentions clear, “mi ago put you on lockdown” it was also Koffee the one who pulled up in the fast car making her clearly the instigator.

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Not so innocent Koffee, she is clearly growing up and the shyness we saw at 16 certainly gives way to maturity . What about the visibility of mommy will we also see less of that? Koffee seeks to take on more responsibility for her well-being.

Yes, Koffee seemingly survived the quarantine after a series of not so brilliant duet that missed the mark, Koffee bounced back with “lockdown“.

Koffee is at her best when she is free and unrestricted. Herein she is liken unto our beloved Shelly-Ann Fraser, a youthful exuberance of persuasive passion, a force to be reckoned with and responsibilities towards others.

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Many who have had to sit out this lockdown alone joins Koffee in the call for commitment or a passport to freedom as she expresses her frustration in being locked up in an apartment.



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