Vybz Kartel angry about his baptism rumors.

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The laziness of Jamaica’s media houses and the bloggers that cover dancehall and reggae music has gotten Vybz Kartel in the mood of his deejay father Bounty Killer; crass, miserable and angry.

Kartel is fuming at rumors that he has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

What was an April Fool prank that was printed way back on April 1st in 2017 that stated that the world boss accepted Christ was rehashed recently and went viral on social media.

It is not clear who rehashed the old April Fool joke but it was picked up by numerous media houses including the Jamaican Star and the story went viral again just as it did in 2017.

This time, however, spiritual leaders, gospel artistes and the entire Christian community have gotten involved and have been expressing how great it will be for God to use Kartel as a tool to win souls.

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According to Isat Buchanan, who is representing Kartel with his current appeal to the Privy Council, the deejay is extremely disappointed about the rumors.

“He emphatically denies that he was either baptised or contemplated it and he is certainly not desperate and is offended that the church and others would say that they welcomed him doing that because that is an attack on his position that he is innocent and does not need to repent for anything,” Kartel said via his attorney, Buchanan.

“And so the fake news is offensive and is an attempt to certainly colour any attempts in the minds of anybody reading in the international space that somehow Christianity is offered as a tool of rehabilitation to people in prison when they don’t even have proper running water and facilities, much less to baptise anybody in holy water,” he added.

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Paul Jones of the Media Research Center (MRC), an international media watchdog company said he was surprised that even the Jamaican Star had gotten duped by an April Fool’s joke.

“The Jamaican Star is supposed to be a professional news outlet and it is expected that their stories are researched by professional journalists, so it was surprising to see them running with this story,” Jones said. “Or maybe they were not duped but saw the story going viral and wanted a piece of the action to bring traffic to their website. These days the official news outlets are not much different than the blogs popping up all over the internet and fighting for traffic.”



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