Spice reigns supreme over Shenseea, according to music insiders.

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Shenseea and Spice
Shenseea and Spice

“Music is a mission, not a competition” is a great slogan, however, it is a great slogan for Reggae Music not for dancehall. If it was a slogan for dancehall then what would be that mission? Peverted sex, murder and mayhem?

So what Spice and Shenseaa got going on is a competition. It is a competition that Spice is winning rather easily.

Spice went on Good Morning America along with fellow dancehall artistes Shaggy and Sean Paul and after their performance people could not stop about their song “Go down deh”.

On the other had, Shenseea got on the stage in a Miami club with hip hop artists 50 Cent and Trey Songs and after their performance all people are talking about is Shenseea saying “My pu$$y is blessed” and Trey Songz responding, “What you say about your pu$$y?”

Insiders are saying that these recent events are proof that Spice and Spice only is the queen of Dancehall and Shenseea is not ready for that throne as yet.

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“I’ve said this before, Shenseea will be the next Queen of Dancehall but she affi wait for her turn. Spice still is the Queen of Dancehall and she nuh do nothing fi give it up yet. Spice still a attract the numbers same way even inna time when so many other women are doing their thing and claiming a piece of the spotlight,” said artiste manager Heavy D

Heavy D is right. If Spice performed with the two biggest names in dancehall and Shenseea performed with two big names in hip hop and after the performances people are talking about Spice’s music and Shenseea’s “blessed pu$$y” then since dancehall is still about music, then Spice is the queen.

Now if dancehall should be transformed into pornhall and it does seem like it is heading into that direction sometimes then Shenseea will become the queen.

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Nuffy who is one of the biggest MCs in Jamaica is also in agreement with Heavy D that Spice is currently sitting on the throne and wearing the crown in dancehall.

“This success a nuh nutten strange this for Spice cuz a long time she did the work,” Nuffy said. “This is not about no crown thing. Success is important for all of us as Jamaicans. It’s a good look at the culture and I’m glad to say a Gracie dweet, so go Gracie.”

While Spice and Shenseea fight for the dancehall throne, there is a female artist that fans should be keeping an eye on; her name is Moni-Q Musique.



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