Amber Rose revealed she was raped by someone she was in a relationship with.

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Kanye West, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa
Kanye West, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa

Amber Rose opened up about being sexually assaulted by someone whom she had a relationship with as she talks to Jada Pinkett Smith about sexual consent. Rose did not mention the rapist’s name but her revelations had hip hop fans wondering who could it be as the former video vixen has been intimately link to a few rappers.

The 36-year-old TV personality, who previously dated rappers like Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, and 21 Savage, revealed that she was raped by a boyfriend when she told him she wanted to called off their relationship.

“He ripped my clothes off, I felt icky, I felt gross, I felt I was taken advantage of. It was terrible. Then he went downstairs and had breakfast, like he didn’t do anything,” she said. “The gray area in that situation is, I had sex with him so many times within these two years, I didn’t fully understand what had happened but I know what I felt like after.”

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A mother of two sons one of whom is 7 years old, Amber made sure her little boy knew about boundaries and always respected the women around him.

“He’s very curious now and now he’s like, ‘Mom, you got a jiggly butt,’ and he’ll come behind me and jiggly my butt and I’m like, ‘Sebastian, I know you’re playing and I know you love me and I’m your mom, but that’s your private area,’” she said.

“And I tell him, with other girls … because when he goes to his dad’s house – his dad’s a rapper, there’s a different dynamic over there, Wiz and I co-parent very well, but it’s different at my house. So I have conversations with him like, ‘When you go to your dad’s house, when you’re at school, you don’t touch these girls inappropriately. You don’t touch them at all, period.’ ”

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