Buju Banton refrains from hugging Koffee.

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Buju Banton and Koffee
Buju Banton and Koffee

Buju Banton and Koffee have recorded a remix to her hit song “Pressure”, which is expected to be the next big hit in dancehall and reggae music.

The promotional photo for the song shows both artists on a staircase with Koffee sitting close to the stop of the stair while Buju is standing at the bottom.

The word on the street is that Koffee’s camp wanted the photo to be of the two artists hugging, however, Buju was not keen to that idea.

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As the coronavirus rises in Jamaica the Gargamel wanted to make sure he followed the protocols put forth by the government and keep his social distance.

Others are skeptical of Buju Banton’s reasoning, however, and are wondering if there are other reasons he did not hug the dancehall princess.

“Mi see Buju and Kanye West real close inna studio last week,” as dancehall fan at Halfway Tree in Kingston, Jamaica said. “How come him never social distance with the Americans but him want to social distance with him own Jamaican?”

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We reached out to both artists’ camp for the real reasoning behind the distance but up until press time we did not get a response.



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