Shenseea needs to stick to selling sex.

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Shenseea’s sex appeal is selling well and obviously working for her. Someone needs to tell her and her team that if it is not broke then don’t fix it. Fans love her songs about love and sex and while no one wants to be put in a box, the Loodi singer needs to stick to her niche.

After a month hiatus from the studio because of problems with her voice box, Shenseea is back in the studio and gave fans a preview of her upcoming single collaboration called Car Seat. In the song Shenseea veers from her usual sexy songs and tried to dabble in the murder music that has been the norm in dancehall for a while.

Dancehall gangsterism is played out, stale, boring and it just doesn’t fit Shenseea. To take her serious on a gangsta song would be the equivalent of believing the lie she made up when she claims people were telling her that she “looks too pretty to be a Jamaican.” The world knows that an ugly Jamaican woman is an oxymoron.

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Not only is the lyrics that Shenseea is spitting on Car Seat horrible but the song is laced with some awful auto tune. It is difficult to decide which is worse, a girl who claims to be too pretty to be a Jamaican trying to convince someone she is a gangsta or auto tune in 2019. Let’s face it, Munga Honorebel is the only dancehall artiste that auto tune worked for. Either the technology just fit Munga or Don Corleone knew just the right amount to use but after the gangsta Rasta, every dancehall artiste who use auto tune failed miserably. Shenseea did not manage to buck that trend.

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Last but not least, this is not the time for more violence prone lyrics. Koffee is cleaning up dancehall with her breath of fresh air lyrics. Buju Banton is back on the scene giving the people some uplifting and soul searching music. The last thing the music need is for the positive music of artistes like Buju and Koffee to have to compete with some violence promoting crap from Shenseea.

So someone please tell Shenseea to continue making sexy songs because that will make couple have sex and babies will be born. In these times we need to make life not take life.



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