Jamaicans worrying about Chinese business closures expose major Black problems on the island.

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Andrew Holness
Andrew Holness

Black Jamaicans living in the city of Montego Bay are growing worried and concerned about a recent closure of businesses own and operated by Chinese nationals. In fact, some citizens claim they are more worried about the Chinese store closures than they are about the COVD-19 coronavirus.

“Big Saturday like today and so much Chiney store close? Something must be wrong. This is scarier than the coronavirus” was how one resident of Jamaica’s second city described the situation.

Why would someone living in Jamaica feel like the closing of Chinese businesses on the island is more dangerous than a deadly worldwide pandemic? That is because, despite Jamaica’s very fertile land, many Jamaicans still depend on the Chinese for food and other necessities.

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So here Black people are, almost three generations after slavery and they are still depending on other ethnicities to feed, clothes and shelter them.

Instead of Jamaicans looking at the Chinese business closures as an opportunity to erect Black businesses to replace the closing of the Chinese ones, they are more worried and concerned about how they will survive without these Chinese businesses.

Is this because Jamaicans see the Chinese has having superior business minds? Or is it because from past experience Jamaicans know that a Jamaican owned business will not get the level of support that a Chinese business will get from fellow Jamaicans?

Looking at the houses in Westgate Hills in Montego Baby, it is evident that a lack of capital is not the reason why Blacks are not able to open their own supermarkets and other businesses in Montego Bay. So the tough question must be asked why.

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Not even the Jamaican Government is able to tell the people why these Chinese businesses are closing, however, one thing is certain; if these businesses remain closed only to be replaced by other Chinese businesses then it is fair to say that Black Jamaicans are in a hopeless situation or as Peter Tosh would say, a hopeless “shituation”.



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