Is China embracing Christianity, Reggae Music or both?

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18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
Chinese praying
Chinese praying

There is a strange phenomenon sweeping across China that was created by one song but people in the West are having a difficult time understanding what about the song is causing the hoopla.

All over the communist country, people are joining in groups and dancing to a Reggae song called “Call from God” by Jamaican artist, Jango Fresh. The song is actually a subgenre of Reggae Music called Dancehall but in China, like most places outside of Jamaica it is just called reggae.

Below are two videos of with separate groups of Chinese people dancing to Call from God.

What is confusing people in the west is the fact that China has never been big on Christianity, so why the sudden embracing of a song about the Christian God. Likewise, China was never big on Reggae Music or any Black music for that matter, so why the sudden craze of a reggae song.

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Some are saying that the dancing to the song could be to appease Jamaicans who are concerned that the Chinese are taking over Jamaica.

Ronald Clarke of Rasta Livity, an organization that aims to keep the teaching of Marcus Garvey alive, says he is glad to see China embracing Jamaican music but he wont let that distract him from the fact they are trying to take over the island.

“I hope the people genuinely love the music and this is not just a plot by the Chinese government to appease Jamaicans,” Clark said. “Hopefully it is not just a front to say, ‘oh, we are not just coming to Jamaica to take over your island but we really love and embrace your culture,’”

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There are others who are saying that it is not that the Chinese are embracing Reggae Music, they are just taking heed to the message of the song.

Whatever the reason is, Call from God is now the number one song in China. The song is featured on the album 18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS and that album sits at number 3 on the country’s major music chart.



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