Social Media influencer insinuates that Shenseea had an abortion.

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A social media influencer that identify as “The Entertainment Hub of the Caribbean” is insinuating that Shenseea might have had an abortion.

The influencer posted a picture of Shenseea on Instagram with the caption, “#Shenseea with the flat stomach”.

Immediately the Instagram started questioning the reason behind the caption with some wondering if the Blessed singer was pregnant and terminated the pregnancy.

“She dash weh Drake baby,” one follower said, which in Jamaican means she was pregnant for Drake but took an abortion.

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Another user commented, “Drake took the picture outside the [abortion] clinic.”

Earlier this year an April Fool’s prank was posted that Shenseea was pregnant for Drake, however, when Spice let the secret out of the bag that the two were collaborating on a record, the April fool’s joke took on a life of its own and went viral.

Neither star stepped forward to deny the rumor.

Shenseea had been missing from social media for a while. Before posting a tribute to her late beloved mother on Instagram on Friday, her previous post was on June 1st.

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Her absence had many people questioning if there is a chance that the pregnancy rumor was true even if she was not pregnant for Drake.

There are also rumors swirling that Shenseea is currently working on an album.



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