Shenseea hopes to become the female version of Sean Paul and Shaggy in Dancehall.

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Shenseea has put in the hard work of completing her long awaited debut album. Now even harder work lies ahead as her team and her prepare for the marketing and promotion of the album.

Dancehall is a difficult genre of music to market for various reasons. Recently, the currently hottest male dancehall artist, Skillibeng, saw his debut album amass a measly 25 copies in first week sales.

However, artists like Shaggy and Sean Paul were able to break through all the barriers that dancehall face and sell millions of albums. Shenseea is hoping to become the female Sharry or Sean.

Neither Sean or Shaggy are as lyrically potent or possess the flow and delivery as the likes of Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Capleton or Sizzla, however, there is something about them that allowed them to sell millions of albums that the more talented reggae artists were not able to do. Likewise, Shenseea might not have the lyrics or flow of the dancehall queen, Spice, but there is something about her that fans and her team are hoping will catapult her to the top of Dancehall Music and into the upper echelons of music overall.

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“The Album is done, DONE!” That is all Shenseea has said about the album so far in an Instagram post.

There has been no tracklist revealed nor is there any release date. One thing we know for sure, however, is that the Jamaican diva is aiming for a hip hop audience.

Her and her team’s aim became evident last month when they allowed what was originally an April Fool’s joke to go viral that she was pregnant for Drake. This move was to get some of Drake’s over 88 million Instagram followers who did not know who Shenseea was to get familiar with the name.

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Soon after the Drake’s rumor, Shenseea team video her at a party in Miami with Busta Rhymes seeming to hit on her.

Just a week later she shared the stage with 50 Cent and Trey Songz where they told the hip hop stars that she had a “blessed” pu$$y.

So it is obvious that Shenseea is looking past dancehall fans who hardly buy music and is looking at hip hop and pop fans in order to secure her album’s success.

Whether she will become the female Sean Paul and Shaggy or another Skillibeng remains to be seen.



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