Vybz Kartel confident he will be walking in Buju Banton’s shoes soon.

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Just last week a photo of Buju Banton was posted on Vybz Kartel’s Instagram with the caption “My Inspiration”.

Buju Banton is Vybz Kartel’s biggest inspiration these days, according to an inmate at the same prison where Vybz Kartel is serving his life sentence for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

“All the world boss talks about nowadays is Buju Banton,” the prisoner said. “He thinks it is only a matter of time before he is free like Buju Banton and will be getting the same amount of love from the people.”

Vybz Kartel, however, is not in the same class as Buju Banton in terms of the quality of the message in their music or even the overall quality of their music.

With Jamaicans getting tired and weary of the violence and other negativity sweeping the island, Vybz Kartel might have a difficult time getting the same kind of support that Buju is getting. Buju is a positive artiste whose music uplifts and brings out the best in people while Kartel’s music brings out the worst in humans.

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If Buju Banton’s music is marijuana, Vybz Kartel’s music is alcohol; the former being the healing of the nation while the latter is the destruction of a nation as Bob Marley said.

Still the self-proclaimed king of the dancehall is hoping that a warm welcome awaits him when he is released from sometime this year.

Vybz Kartel is currently awaiting the verdict of his appeal which was filed in June of 2018 and the deejay’s attorneys are positive that the verdict will be in their favor. If freed, Kartel is hoping he can duplicate what Buju Banton is doing such as selling out the National Stadium on his first concert after incarceration.

Kartel’s fellow inmate believes that the current state of Jamaica is exactly why Kartel will get the same reception as Buju Banton or even a bigger one.

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“Many Jamaicans love positivity but many love the negativity too. It is not everybody who wants to hear the Rasta and Marcus Garvey message about love and unity. Some of us want to bleach our skin and listen to killy killy music,” the inmate said.

“Plus you have to remember Vybz Kartel is a trend setter. If he comes out of prison and start smoking coke, by next week half of Jamaica will be coke heads. He is a natural born leader,” the inmate concluded.

Whether the inmate is correct and Kartel can garner the huge support that Buju is getting remains to be seen. According to Kartel’s attorneys, we will all know very soon.



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