Buju Banton is still the people’s champion.

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Buju Banton
Buju Banton

Buju Banton is still the people champion even after been locked up in jail and prison for over 9 years.

If there was any doubts about how much Buju Banton means to the people, those doubts were erased when tickets to his Long Walk to Freedom tour began selling at the Reggae Grammy Award winner’s website. Only two hours into the sale of the tickets the website traffic because it could not handle the traffic of all the people who were trying to buy tickets.

Reggae fans all over the world want to see the 90 minutes set that Buju will perform at the National stadium in Jamaica on March 16th as he begins the first leg of the tour.

Buju Banton’s publicist Ronnie Tomlinson did not expect the website to crash but fully expected that tickets to the historic national stadium would be sold out.

“We’re creating history. What better venue? So many things happened and have taken place at that venue, so we just thought ‘Why not?’ Plus, it’s also to show the power of the music, and the power of the love that people have for Buju. We never for a moment thought that we could not fill the Stadium… not for one moment did we ever doubt it, but we were just looking at the symbolisms behind it,” Tomlinson said

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“The feedback is great. People just want to get everything. They are ready to book flights, book hotels, get everything in place for March 16 in Kingston. We have been inundated with calls, emails, and whatsapp messages with people just wanting all the information so they can prepare themselves for this historic concert. The interest from all over the world has just been amazing,” she continued.

Even other reggae artistes are eagerly waiting to see Banton’s performance.

Reggae Revival artiste, Protoje, was at the press launch of the tour and says he is looking forward to the show.

“The last time I saw Buju Banton perform, I was a child, and I grew up on his music, so it’ll be a good experience to see him perform,” Protoje said.

Buju Banton was not at the press launch but did send a taped heartfelt message to all his fans and members of the media.

“First and foremost, I want to thank you all for coming out tonight. I want to thank you all for taking time from your busy schedule to be here with us. I want to thank our sponsors, those who saw it fitting to come together in the spirit of unity to make something of this magnitude happen here in Jamaica. I want to thank those in the media… print, radio, television, for their love and support over the years, and especially at this time. On the 16th of March, the National Stadium will be a venue like no other. So many years since I’ve seen my people and we have exchanged communication spiritually, mystically, and on the 16th of March we endeavor to reconnect and pick up where we left off. I’ll be there and I want to make sure that I see you there…. my love goes out to all. Thank you very much for your love and support. Until I see you in the National Stadium on the 16th of March,” he said.

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The Reggae Grammy Award winner will also be performing in Trinidad, Barbados, The Bahamas and St. Kitts.



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