Shawn Ice Goes Afrobeats with Provoice on Hot Collabo ‘Mine’.

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18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
Shawn Ice
Shawn Ice

As Afrobeats continues to dominate our playlists and radio stations, it’s typically a win, win scenario when stars of the vibrant genre team up with Dancehall artists. The upbeat “Mine” is no exception to the winning rule. In fact, it shines as one of the year’s most slept on cross-genre offerings, seeing young Dancehall star Shawn Ice from St. Mary, Jamaica team up with red-hot Malawian talent Provoice.

With more Dancehall artists than ever before currently vying for everyone’s attention, Shawn Ice continues to prove that he is a stand out, one who can surely hold up his end of any collabo with ease!

“Mine” takes music lovers on quite the mesmerizing and dance-worthy listening journey, which serves as an ideal backdrop for Shawn Ice and Provoice to melodically inform the other not so lucky guy, “She’s Mine.” Not an uncommon topic, the song erupts via it’s unique, catchy presentation, prompting all to sing verbatim or at least hum along.

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Provoice adorns “Mine” with steamy vocals from the moment the song kicks off with it’s catchy hook:

From me touch you girl she mine she mine she mine

Pon me body she wine she wine she wine

She no want nobody else she say she is my baby

But when Shawn Ice drops in to wreck havoc during his crafty, unforgettable verse, one can’t help but lose themselves in the song’s impromptu hardcore feel. “The boy mark my car, so me send a Uber fi her. Say him a clown is a shooter she want,” Shawn Ice chants confidently, among other clever lyrics.

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Produced by TrickyBeats and Cuff B, “Mine” is now available on all digital platforms. The ingeniously, Afrobeats driven “Mine,” which first appeared on Provoice’s breakthrough “Knock It 1996” album, appeals to a crossection of audiences and is garnering love from DJs and music lovers alike.

Mine (Apple Music)




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