Badda General’s Debut ‘Money App PROJECT’ Album Brings Fun, Lyrical Wit and Consistency to Dancehall.

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Badda General
Badda General

Welcome Badda General, who is quickly solidifying himself as one of the “Baddest” artists cruising Jamaica’s musical landscape. With red hot songs like “Money App,” “I Wish” and “Outside” among others, Badda General is destined to take over dancehall with the digital release of his wildly entertaining debut album “Money App PROJECT” on October 27. On the highly anticipated effort, the talented artist brings a necessary fresh fusion of lyrical dexterity and humor to the industry.

The “Money App PROJECT” is adorned with 10 songs that see Badda General offering a rock solid dancehall sound track, which will have music lovers rocking from start to finish. Without question, listeners will also likely find themselves reciting the witty lyrics verbatim or erupting in incessant laughter from the funny and relatable content. Hands down, “I Wish” boasts some of the year’s most memorable verses from the song’s start.

Mi wish when you drive out, yu car bruk down
Front tire flat, spare you have none
When you go out fi look pon di damage, Di Almighty mek a heavy rain come down

There is genuinely a lot more humor in store, which shines through nearly every song on the hard-hitting debut Badda General effort. The theme of money is also uniquely interpolated across a number of the songs on the album including “New Money,” “Run It Forward,” “House” and naturally, the title track “Money App.” But other relatable topics are also “deh bout.” Wayne Wonder adds his ultra smooth vocals to “Treez” — a slow tempo ode to the high grade. Meanwhile, ZJ Liquid joins Badda General for the upbeat and radio friendly “Spring Water.”

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Whether Badda General is detailing if a girl plays him, they must “Run It Forward” (i.e., pay back all the money he has spent), wowing the ladies on “Swing Song,” or killing ’em with “Bay Style” (and a wicked flute), the selector turned Dancehall artist ensures consistent and entertaining music through out the “Money App PROJECT.”

Amidst an onslaught of hard times hitting the world during the Covid-19 pandemic, Badda General navigated the perils of a shaky industry by giving fans an infectious brand of music they can both vibe and chuckle to. Badda General has found his niche and he’s rolling with it. What’s so amazing about Badda General’s ascent is that endorsement from international personalities, DJs, sound systems, influencers, media and music lovers have helped thrust Badda General to a prime spot in Dancehall.

Badda General, born Omari Lawrence in Montego Bay, Jamaica, is by all means a triple threat who’s musical heritage dates back to the tender age of 7 as a selector/DJ. By the age of 14, he was one of the hottest DJs (affectionately known as “Froggy” by fans) in Western Jamaica on the popular “Pieces” sound system. Following his tenure on Pieces through 2001, the young DJ started his own “Madd Squad” sound. Rising in prominence, Madd Squad even made it to the prestigious Irish and Chin “World Clash” sound system competition in both Jamaica and New York.

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By 2010, Badda General’s love of music transitioned into record production, allowing the talent to work with top names in Reggae/Dancehall like Buju Banton , Wayne Wonder, Sizzla, Charly Black, Pressure , Macka Diamond and many more.

What once started as a local buzz has quickly expanded to international territories. Badda General’s “Money App PROJECT” has all the right elements in place to easily make it 2020’s best Dancehall contribution.

Money App Project – Track Listing
Digital Release Date: 10/27
Real Squad Records

1.Bay Style
2.I Wish
4.Money App
5.Run It Forward
6.Treez Ft. Wayne Wonder
8.Spring Water Ft. ZJ Liquid
9.Swing Song
10.New Money



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