If sex sells why is Koffee outselling all other females Jamaican artistes?

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18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS

The phrase that dancehall has tuned into pornhall is by no means an exaggeration. For the Jamaican female artists who do not have a profile on the X-Rated social-media platform, FansOnly, you can find them half naked on your Instagram on any given day.

One artist you won’t find fully or half-naked on any social-media platform is the talented and beautiful Koffee.

If the phrase “sex sells” is true then Koffee is proof that real talent sells even more. While Koffee has been squeaky clean she is outselling all the other female dancehall artistes combined.

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Despite not showing skin and releasing sex filled lyrics like Shenseea, Ishawna, Dovey Magnum, Spice, Macka Diamond and D’Angel; Koffee is having more success than all of the combined.

Not only is Koffee the first solo female artist to win the Reggae Grammy Award but it seems like every single she drops turns out to be a hit. The Toast singer might soon be referred to as Queen Midas because everything she touches turns to gold with her having to reveal any skin.

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It is refreshing that young girls who want to be singers have someone they can look up to without thinking they need to shed their clothes or sing raunchy lyrics in order to be successful.



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