Homosexual dread to give Bob Marley lecture at University of West Indies.

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Marlon James to give Bob Marley lecture
Marlon James to give Bob Marley lecture

“Every man need a woman, every woman needs a man” – Bob Marley

Marlon James, a Jamaican homosexual who could be mistaken for a Rasta, might not believe in the words of Bob Marley but he is very interested in the life of Bob Marley. So much so that is interest in Marley coupled with his brilliant writing, won him the Man Booker Prize for Fiction award. Winning the award was an historical achievement for James as he became the first Jamaican to do so.

So before the award, to most Jamaicans, he was just a homosexual writer that they would be happy if he never claimed Jamaica as the land of his birth. Now that he has won what is a prestigious award on the world stage, Jamaica is more than happy to claim him as her son. So much so that he is being used to give the annual lecture on the king of reggae. A king that would be totally against James’ lifestyle.

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It is not unusual for Jamaica to show appreciation for one of her sons only after the world has done so. We have seen it with Marcus Garvey and Bob Marley before.

Jamaica should be proud of her great homosexual writer, however, the question must be asked; Should a homosexual be giving a speech on a Rasta messenger? Rasta is anti-homosexuality, so it is a bit hypocritical that a homosexual is chosen for this speech, regardless of the numbers of award that this homosexual has won.

James’ homosexuality aside, Dr Sonjah Stanley-Niaah who is head of the University of the West Indies, said that choosing James to give this year’s lecture on Bob Marley was an easy decision.

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“The Bob Marley Lecture is a commemorative event which celebrates the birth, work and acclaim of Marley and also celebrates the achievement of Jamaican music. The lecture also seeks to showcase the work of scholars and thinkers whose work highlights Jamaican culture, and James fits perfectly as his book has Bob Marley as one of the characters and discusses the events surrounding the attempted assassination, and the ensuing aftermath,” she told a Jamaican publication.

The lecture is scheduled for the Undercroft at 6:00 pm. It is being hosted by the Institute of Caribbean Studies and the Reggae Studies Unit at the UWI.



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  1. So let me get this straight, because he’s Jamaican, that grants him the privilege to give a lecture on Bob Marley? Okay so… I’m Canadian I guess I better go give a lecture on fucking igloos right America? This makes no sense. It would make more sense for him to give a lecture on something more relevant to him. Hell, I’ve been playing reggae music on guitar for over 10 years, but he’s from Jamaica so I guess he knows all about Bob Marley… This world is fucked. I could give a shit if he’s gay, to each his own. Seriously, give a lecture on something relevant to you, not a Rastafarian who doesn’t believe in your way of life and whom you most likely know absolutely nothing about. It’s just like all these fucking Marley kids popping up out of no where. Just because your last name is Marley doesn’t qualify you to have a music career.

  2. This is a silly article. What does being gay have to do with anything. Ignorant at best. Kudos on his accomplishments–and winning an award.

    Uhm–I don’t anticipate that the writer of this article will win anything.

  3. This article completely contradicts your ‘About’ section….especially the part about tolerance for all. Whoever you are, you’re a small-minded bigot. Keep it real.

  4. As a proud Canadian and a proud gay man, I have spent many vacations (and many thousands of my tourist dollars)in the Caribbean, but I am happy to say not a cent in that hell-hole of homophobic bigotry, Jamaica. Yes, there IS bigotry in other Caribbean countries, but most of them are at least making an effort to decriminalise homosexuality or have already done so, and some have even accepted same-sex marriage or registered partnerships. Meanwhile the murderouslt homophobic Reggae cultural continues with gay people set on fire or lynched from a tree while the police look on and laugh at the dead batty boys. The inhuman and barbaric situation in Jamaica should be exposed by all civilized human beings.

  5. I Am A Rastafar I & Yes I Don’t Believe in His Gay Life Style . To Deliver A Speach who He Goes To Bed With Should Not Have Come Up . , What A World . , Crab In A Barrel .

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