Rasta Progrez taking the Reggae Music Charts by storm.

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Rasta Progez
Rasta Progez

His musical originality comes with age. He came into the music business known to everyone has Progrez, his birth name is Jeffery Williams. The music game is tentative and conspicuous thus, Progrez refined his stage name with a universal lure…now calling himself Rasta Progrez, a perceptible meaning. The root/reggae singer concurred that the name is for life and not a Rasta thing, but one of consciousness. Prerogatively, the name Progrez, was given to him by one of Jamaica’s stalwart the great Luciano, who told him it meant God fearing. Williams love God and people thus he kept the name.

“I am a Christian,” he said. “I am a Rasta from birth, I am a real Rasta man and that’s not going to change. Being a Rasta is not about the hair on my head because even if I cut it off, I am still a Rasta. It never changes, Rasta evolve,” Williams said.

Lyrically, Williams is artistically a spiritual messenger who sings positive music. He reverted to the fact that he studied music at a very young age, which he stated he started out singing in church and by age 9, he made a drum set cut out of paint cans and a guitar made from fish strings. His music aptitude comes from his stepfather’s rearing and his propensity to garner and craft music internally. This, via his inclinations at an early age and the fact that music was always playing in his backyard growing up. Moreover, music further enchanted him because his stepfather had a sound system called Sectotronic, where he was always on the mic.

Instrinsically, the protégé came to terms with his passion for music in high school, where he performed and opened for Jamaica’s elite superstar artists, including Luciano, Sanchez, Richie Stevenson, Beenieman, Baby Wayne, Ladysaw, Ghost, and Sizzla to note a few here. Thereafter, his music acumen would generate a solo act; his first big break into the music business in 1990, where he performed at Prison Oval in Spanish Town Jamaica. Incidentally, it was also where Williams shot his first music video. Henceforth, the prodigy didn’t look back his aim, was to spread his wings.

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In the 1990s, Williams needed to elevate himself and saw his migration to the United States April 8, 1995 via Queens. Deriving to the states he had one encapsulating belief, “You are never too old to set another goal or dream new dreams.” A product of Jamaican parentage, Williams inception into the world was April 25, 1974, in Jamaica on the outskirt of town in Spanish Town. He is 45-years old and stands 6ft tall. His consternation is to keep a job that coexist with his professional music career, which never wavered.

Soon after migrating, Williams continued his musical journey alongside working as a Credit Repair Specialist, all the while pursuing his other talent of becoming a Barber. His current stats are he is the owner of a license barber business Progrez Barber Shop. The multi-talented prodigy holds two licenses, a NYS Commercial Driver License and a Barber’s License. Williams attended Tivoli Gardens Comprehensive High School, in Kingston Jamaica from 1986-1993. He holds a High School Diploma.

By 1999-2000, Williams entered a talent show his first break in the United States. He teamed up with artist Susie Q, in Manhattan. Going forth, his musical wits came into focus and the journey he wanted to climb as an intricate artist began and climbed he did.

Todate, Williams’s catalog includes: “Cold World,” along with a video, “Long Time Coming,” “Halfway Tree,” “Jah’s World,” “Seasons Change,” “Real & True,” and “Bose Dred.”

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Additionally, Williams have revved up the east coast and some of New Yorks’ tri-States, sort after venues. He turned heads when he performed at Summer Rush, The Long Island Caribbean Heritage Festival, Veterans in Action at Amazura, a performance at Latens, the Philadelphia Jerk Fest and at the historical Oraca Bessa Festival which boasted 30,000 concert goers. In addition, he also performed at various venues in Jamaica WI. The amelioration of Williams’s music seems to flourish as he continues to work hard, push himself and promoting his music, never cease. Notably, the humble producer also composes, sing, writes and creates his own music.

“All my songs are recorded in Jamaica.” “The spirit in Jamaica is alive musically, so I had to record down there. When you record out there it’s totally different. The sun, the people, the food and everything is different. It’s like a refresher…a pick me up,” he quipped.

Conversely, Williams latest hit song “One Day,” brought out surges of reviews. He immersed himself in television—radio and print interviews and adoring fans hype him up with praises such as “Bad chune maddd,” “This song fiya,” “Hot song,” “Sounds real good,” “I need to cop that album,” and “Salute mi general.” Too many to mention here.

Williams’s music is Conscious Roots Reggae. His lyrics are generational and futuristic. His musical epitomes are lyrically powerful, raw, cutting edge and truths. His demeaner, aim to please and his decorum’s are impeccable. His future is his odyssey.

Rasta Progrez can be contacted at:
https://www.facebook.com/Rasta Progrez
https://www.youtube.com/Rasta Progrez



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