Girls taking out bank loans to get big butts like Serena Williams.

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Big butt Serena Williams
Big butt Serena Williams

A German plastic surgeon, operating in Jamaica, says he has being assisting his female clients in acquiring loans from banks in order to get big butts.

The loans are not specifically designed for plastic surgery, but are regular personal loans.

“We are in cooperation with two banks. They have their requirements so I pre-check it by asking the patients if they have a regular income. If they want a payment plan, then I would send them to the bank for that payment plan,” said Dr Jan Hochtritt of Prosurgicare Services Limited that is located on Old Hope Road, St Andrew.

The doctor says only about 10 to 15 per cent of the women utilize this offering.

“They are small loans. I don’t like to send people to loan institutions that charge too much interest,” he said.

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When 18 KARAT REGGAE contacted one of the banks which Dr Hochtritt refers his patients to, a representative said that although they do not offer loans designed for plastic surgery, they do offer loans for personal medical expenses.

“As part of the loan application, persons must state the intent of the loan. We expect that they will use the monies for the purpose stated,” the representative said, adding that it is not guaranteed that the loan will be approved.

Meanwhile, Hochtritt noted that several Jamaican women continue to come to him for improvements to their buttocks, with the majority of his clients being in their 30s and 50s.

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“Overall speaking, it (the number) is increasing …If I give you the requests that I’ve had for the last two months, the most popular ones are the Brazilian butt lifts,” Hochtritt said.

The Brazilian butt lift procedure is a type of augmentation of the buttocks, which results in more youthful and perkier buttocks. It requires the removal of fat from other areas of the body then transferring it to the buttocks.

According to the Prosurgicare’s website, the Brazilian butt lift procedure starts at US$4,300 (J$498,800).

Other procedures that are frequently done are the breast reduction and augmentation, as well as the tummy tuck.



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