Jamaican women are the most beautiful in the world, according to new study.

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Toni-Ann Singh, Danielle Henry, Shenseea
Toni-Ann Singh, Danielle Henry, Shenseea

Every woman is beautiful. Every woman is God’s creation. Inner beauty trumps outer beauty in every aspect of life, however, it is the outer beauty that often makes the first impression and there is a very popular saying that first impression lasts.

A recent study by experts that specialize in beauty pageants, modeling, video vixens and other celebrities listed Jamaica has having the most beautiful women in the world per capita. In figuring out which country has the most beautiful women they look at how countries have done in the various international beauty pageants over the years such as how many times they finished in the top 10, were the runner up or outright won the competition.

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Mark Peters who was a member of the 2019 Miss World beauty pageant says that while Jamaica with its population of only 3 million people does not have the most beautiful women in the world, it does have the most per capita.

“All 195 countries in the world have beautiful women. Jamaica with its small size does not have as many beautiful as other countries that are known to have beautiful women such as Ghana, Russia, United States, Brazil, Kenya, Italy and Ethiopia but it does have the most beautiful women per capita than any of those countries,” Peters said.


Just last year, Miss Jamaica World, Toni-Ann Singh, was crowned Miss World 2019. Earlier this year, 18 Karat Reggae vlogger, Danielle Henry, was voted the most beautiful and sexy vlogger on the internet. Dancehall diva Shenseea was also voted the sexiest prettiest female in urban music. So for Jamaica, it is not just talk but there is actual proof that the small island of approximately 3 million people does have the most beautiful women in the world.

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Reggae artist Mr Bertus dedicated his latest album 18 Karat Reggae Presents Mr Bertus to the beautiful women of Jamaica.



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