Jamaica’s so-called marijuana shortage is a big lie.

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Jamaican weed
Jamaican weed

This past weekend TMZ, the Associated Press and numerous other media outlets ran stories that claim that Jamaica was facing a marijuana shortage.

“Heavy rains followed by an extended drought, an increase in local consumption and a drop in the number of marijuana farmers have caused a shortage in the island’s famed but largely illegal market that experts say is the worst they’ve seen,” the Associated Press reported.

These stories are all lies, probably the biggest lie in 2021 so far. Jamaica is not facing a shortage in marijuana.

So why would someone go through so much trouble to build a narrative that a country that is associated with ganja is running low on ganja? The answer is simple, greed, economics and financial survival.

When Canada legalized marijuana back in 2018, numerous marijuana companies sprung up overnight. Marijuana was referred to as “green gold” and there was euphoria of getting rich overnight weed dreams. There was one little problem that no one thought of and it is now hounding the marijuana industry. That problem is the marijuana black market.

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Before weed legalization in Canada, Canadians were already high consumers of weed. After legalization and marijuana farms and pot stores popped up all over the country, people did not flock to these stores as investors thought. The average weed smokers instead continue to get their weed the way they always have. This has led to a tremendous glut of weed in Canada.

So how are these marijuana companies planning to get rid of their glut? They plan to reduce their glut by exporting to countries that has a strong demand for cannabis.

Jamaica, which foreigners have long associated with pot, reggae and Rastafarians, authorized a regulated medical marijuana industry and decriminalized small amounts of weed in 2015. If you can sell the narrative that the island is now facing a shortage then you open the door to start exporting cannabis to the island.

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Canadian companies exporting marijuana to Jamaica is not with the intent of Jamaicans actually buying overseas weed, instead they want to get to the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit the island on a regular basis. These companies know that the Jamaican political leaders are corrupt enough to allow such a thing even though it would severely hurt the Jamaican weed farmers.

While Jamaican politicians would gladly sellout the island’s weed farmers, the common man on the island would be outraged to see foreign weed being imported in and this is the reason that Babylon has started the campaign that Jamaica is having a marijuana shortage. Peter Tosh and Bob Marley are rolling in their graves.



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