Is Damian Marley part of the Illuminati?

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Damian Marley
Junior Gong

As a primarily reggae website, 18 Karat Reggae, catches a lot of flak whenever it discusses a topic having to do with Rap and/or Hip Hop. Whenever there is a discussion around celebrities like Jay-Z and Beyonce, there is the everlasting talk of how much they are a part of the Illuminati and therefore should not be discussed on the site.

Well, Damian “Junior Gong” Marley is a part part owner of Jay Z’s Tidal music. So if Jay Z is Illuminati, wouldn’t this make Junior Gong Illuminati also? Or is it possible to do business deals with the Illuminati and not be Illuminati yourself? But even if you are not Illuminati, why would you want to do business deals with the Illuminati?

Of course Junior Gong is not Illuminati, neither is Jay Z, Beyonce or most of the Black celebrities that their own Black people try to pin the label on. Black people need to move away from that nasty habit. Labelling every Black person that realizes great financial success as Illuminati is ridiculous.

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It is not to say that these guys don’t do questionable things for money. Jay Z often boasted in his music about selling rack to his own people, which is disgusting. In fact, crack was as destructive to Black people as AIDS, Black unemployment and Black homosexuality. In the midst of the homosexual community fighting reggae, the song Welcome to Jamrock” had a line that said, “Funny men (homosexuals) get drop like a bad habit”, rather than taking a stand like Sizzla, Capleton, Anthony B and other true Rastas, Junior Gong muted the lyrics from the song. We also know that Junior Gong has no problem performing in apartheid Israel. So for these guys it is always money over righteousness. Still to label them as Illuminati is a bit far-fetched.

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In fact, we should applause their financial success as our people. Because the way Babylon as made the world right now, it is very difficult to make it out of Babylon, if you cannot make it in Babylon. We cannot return to the motherland with empty hands, at least not when Europeans have sucked out all the resources.



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  1. Lolol… I’d rather be poor than try to make it in Babylon. A time is coming when the the captives in Babylon will return home and The Most High Yah will destroy these evilous nations and establish his kingdom. They all signed in to this system for wealth, but some aren’t as deep. Respect.

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