Are the Marleys trying to rewrite Rasta and Reggae Music history?

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The Marleys
The Marleys

If Black people are not careful, three generations from now, the history of both Reggae Music and the Rasta Movement will be completely destroyed. While the Marleys played a role in both, whether consciously or subconsciously they are making it seem like they created Reggae Music, started the Rasta Movement and are the end all be all of both.

This is evident in an article in today’s edition of the Jamaican Observer where Skip Marley said of the performance of Bounty Killer, Koffee, Beenie Man, ZJ Liquid, Sheenseea and himself on the BET Hip Hop Award show; “Performing our verses on my uncle Damian’s Welcome to Jamrock riddim made the moment even more significant.” Seriously? There is no such thing as Damian’s Welcome to Jamrock riddim. Welcome to Jamrock was recorded on a sample of Ini Kamoze’s World a Music riddim also known as World a Reggae riddim. Tell the children the truth.

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In and of itself, Skip’s misleading statement is probably minor in the big scheme of things but it is a trend by the Marleys that is very destructive to Black history and keeps the truth from the youths.

This might be the Last generation that knows that when you speak of Rasta and the Gong, you are talking about Leonard Percival Howell; the youths coming up today will think the Gong is Bob Marley is the Gong. It is time we tell the youths the truth. The Gong was a man who built a black ran establishment in Pinnacle Jamaica, a self-reliant establishment, a self-sufficient establishment, away from Babylon and not dependent on Babylon.

Teach the children that “One Love” was Marcus Garvey’s slogan that way they will be more interested in the teachings of Marcus Garvey and fully understand the real meaning behind the slogan.

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The world is at the brink of a major revolution. Regardless who wins the presidential election in America, whether or not they find a vaccine for COVID-19, regardless of the digital divide and who will and will not have access to 5G, regardless how many jobs are taken over by artificial intelligence, nothing can stop the upcoming revolution.

Now more than ever we have to promote the truth and stop telling little white lies. Little white lies group together turn into a big white lie and if you pay careful attention, you will see that it promotes white supremacy.



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