Bob Marley Did Not Give Up Rasta.

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So many articles all over the place are claiming that Bob Marley repudiated Rasta and became a Christian over a year before he died. Only those who were close to the man like his family and friends can attest to that. The rest of us, however, can look at what we know publicly and see that, it does not make much sense to say he gave up Rasta for Christianity.

First of all, in the following video he states he was a Rasta from birth and what you are is what you are, you can’t change.

That video says a lot. Also, like we posted earlier, Bob Marley was a member of the Twelve Tribe sect of Rasta and Twelve Tribe are Christians in every sense of Christianity. So being a Rasta and a Christian are not mutually exclusive. Twelve Tribe members are Rastas and they are also Christians.

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It could not be more evident than in the way the Twelve Tribe members greet each other that they are Christians, which is as follows:

Greetings In The name Of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Who Revealed Himself To Us In The Personality of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I.

Thirdly, it is difficult to believe that a man of Bob Marley’s stature would give up Rasta and it had no influence on his wife or children. If he gave up Rasta, wouldn’t some of the people who look up to him, like his wife Rita or oldest son Ziggy also give it up?

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  1. I know first hand from speaking in 2007 with a lady who was his bedside nurse at the end while in Cedars / Miami that Bob in fact solidified and renewed his love for Jesus Christ in the years leading up to his departure. She knows well,as she prayed wit Bob and Rita in his last days. However, in no way at all does that mean he rejected Rasta. Why would he, when Rasta is rooted in the Bible !

    • Absolutely true words about the nurse and things!!!! I second your comment!! I met his mother Cedella Booker at her first autobiography book signing about her son ‘Nesta’ and I was seated near in front of her with my baby daughter and my son !! Cedella spoke with a group of us about ‘Nesta’ and shared this information with us in Brixton, London, England that evening!!! My family close friends and associates and I are also in the music industry and some members of the 12 ‘Tribes of Israel’s, so I know our brother Nesta Bob was baptised into the Ethiopians Church and gave his life to Christ!! His pastor from the Ethiopians Church who was the pastor for the Emperor ‘ Halle ‘Selassie’ ,1st also confirms this on a live video on You Tube it’s not news it’s old history as my children are big people now!! Blessings, One Love!!!! P’s I never heard, that he ever turned his back or rejected ‘Rasta’, either!!! Blessings!!

  2. Rasta was and is never a religion its a way of life,and also we as rasta are not religious people we spiritual beens ,as it says Love is the answer.

  3. Yeah anon that is the very definition of religion is ‘a way of life’ , and if you are really a Rasta, then you are very religious. A religion, in its true sense is worldview and behaviour, ie how you live.

  4. Twelve Tribes of Israel DO NOT see His Majesty as the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. We see him and the rest of the Ethiopian Royal family as stewards to the Davidic covenant in this time.

    • So how do you explain the way they greet? Or has it changed. I don’t really follow the Twelve Tribe as I believe more in Nyabinghi and Bobo Ashanti… However when I see this greeting, it only means one thing to me:

      Greetings In The name Of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Who Revealed Himself To Us In The Personality of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I.

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