Damian Marley performed in Israel.

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Damian "Junior Gong" Marley
Damian Marley

Like his older brother Ziggy Marley, Damian “Junior Gong” Marley will has performed in Israel, which is quite possibly the biggest apartheid state in the world today. “Some think that money rules when all else fails, so they sell their souls and keep their shells” – Tracy Chapman.

It is sad to see the children of Bob Marley supporting such a regime but what is more sad is the lack of outcry from the reggae music community. We are talking about reggae music that not only railed against apartheid South Africa but chanted against the evil regime with words, power and sounds. From Dennis Brown, Barrington Levy, Tiger, Papa San, Admiral Bailey, Cocoa Team to Brigadier Jerry, they all lit a lyrical and spiritual fire under the then president Botha and apartheid South Africa.

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So why is Reggae not crying out against the atrocities being committed against the Palestinian people? Are our brothers and sisters in Palestine lives not valued the same as our brothers and sisters in South Africa?

When Jimmy Cliff performed in apartheid South Africa he faced a tremendous backlash. The backlash was so huge that it almost ended his career and it actually took Jimmy Cliff some years to get his career back on track.

Now that apartheid in South Africa has ended, does reggae no longer care about the people who are subjected to this kind of living in other parts of the world? Of course Ziggy Marley tried to justify his support of Israeli apartheid with the idiotic story that Rasta has a close tie to Israel through the lineage of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. Does that mean that if the Twelve Tribe Rasta sect started oppressing the Bobo Shanti Rasta sect in Jamaica that would be alright?

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Injustice and oppression in any form should not be tolerated, accepted or supported regardless of who is carrying out the injustice.

Apartheid Israel is no different than apartheid South Africa was. The fact that the Marleys would support such evil under the guise that they are doing it because of Rastas close tie to Israel is a crying shame and disgrace. It is being done because money is taking priority over equal rights and justice.



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  1. Sais vrai ce qu’il dit mes il y a une chose a faire il fout que peuple palestiniens réagir dé fondre leur droit

  2. The title of your article wreaks of racism. It’s misinformed individuals like yourself that write such crap, but there may be hope for. Israel is not an Apartheid State. Do a little research on what Apartheid is.
    It sucks for Palestinian civilians though in Gaza, Judea, Samaria, we must Free Gaza from Hamas. Fatah is no saint either, having spearheaded the Hitler- Arab alliance during WW2 for starters.
    Palestinian leadership uses civilians as human shields and hide rockets in civilian homes. Did you know that when Israel vacated the Gaza strip IN 2005, they left behind beautiful Greenhouse’s for Palestinians that would create many jobs. What did Hamas do? They destroyed all of the Greenhouses and wrecked the place. They act like children and this is proof they oppress their own and blame it on Jews.
    Before making judgement, go visit the state of Israel (maybe you have, if so go again) and you will Arabs and Jews living and working side by side, and enjoying the park together. I’m not saying it’s all kumbaya, but your portrayal is awful and invalid. Open up your eyes and stop eating the B.S you’re being fed. Luckily the Marley’s see the truth.
    One love


  4. Israel is an appartheid country? Someone here should fire his researcher.. U couldn’t be more wrong than that. This title is the face of your article and u should change it so people will even consider reading your article.. Someone who has no clue of what he is writing is not a good journalist even if its only a music article.
    Shame on you. Hope you r not this racist as your “article” is

  5. I don’t think Isreal should compared to apartheid South African. I think this article is biased and one sided. We are well aware of the terrorist attacks that comes from Palestine. Not saying all Palestines are at fault or terrorist. Additionally not saying all Isrealli aren’t in the wrong either. Reggae sends a powerful message in regards to love, peace and unity so it’s natural that Ziggy and Damian would perform there in fact there are standing for their beliefs (rasta) by actually performing in a war torn country.

  6. Stop twisting facts folks, israel is nothing but a criminal state that occupied Palestine in 1948 and that is a fact. Brother Bob would be shivering in his grave because of the shameful acts of his children! I remember the great Peter Tosh who knew it from the very beginning and called for Palestine to be set free. It is the truth and real Rastas know it, the marley kids are nothing but money thirst vampires and rasta know it really well.. respect

  7. Go to europe and see some real suffering come to america and see some real suffering!! Any fool know that Israel is a apartheid state colonized by europeans who call themselves Jews all of them look and act like nazis!! As Bob Marley said TIME WILL TELL!!!

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