Sexually satisfying a woman is all about communication.

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The following advice is from Serendipity, a woman teaching men how to sexually satisfy women.

Well many men think they are such experts in the bedroom that they don’t even bother communicating with women to ask them what are their hot button spots. If they communicated before and during the sexual act there would be a lot less unsatisfied women. I guess I should rephrase my comment…. I blame men but I also feel sorry for them.

Most men labor under the delusion that what works for the last 2 chicks he banged on the regular will work on the next one. It really doesn’t work that way.

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Men who are willing to invest the time and communication can rock a woman’s world easily in the bedroom. Unfortunately, it usually takes guys a long while before they realize all this.

So I’m not sure how long a guy should put in the work to be honest. I guess it depends on his dedication. Communication is key to getting a woman there.

Good sex is 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical anyways — especially with women. I’m not sure if that is the case with men because men get off so easily. If you find the right freak in the bedroom, it is on like donkey kong.

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Every real sexual connoisseur and lover of the sexual arts enjoys a good freak who makes magic happen in the bedroom. Unfortunately, just because a man is enjoying intercourse does not mean hes is sexually satisfying a woman.



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