Bob Marley would be ashamed of Ziggy and Damian.

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Ziggy and Damian Marley
Ziggy and Damian Marley

As a photo of an Israeli soldier, brutally trying to arrest a tiny 11-yer-old Palestinian boy with his hand in a cast, one can’t help but to wonder, how could the offspring of Bob Marley support such a regime.

Who in their right mind could sing that they are for equal rights and justice and then turn around and defend these unjustified brutalities?

When Ziggy Marley and Damian “Junior Gong” Marley give their lame excuses of why they support and perform in Israel, the first thing that comes to mind are the lyrics from one of the Fugees songs: “Boy on the side of Babylon trying to front like he is down with Mount Zion”.

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How can you dare sing about Holy Mount Zion and then support Zionism?

In the song Trench Town Rock, Bob Marley sang:

Never let the children cry
Cause you got to tell Jah Jah why

That was years ago. Today Ziggy and Damian staunchly supports a regime that cause women and children to cry and suffer on a daily basis.

Images show an Israeli soldier putting a headlock on the little child while women pull on the soldier’s back, trying to free the boy.

The altercation took place during a weekly protest Friday organized by Palestinian activists against settlement construction in the village of Nabi Saleh in the West Bank.

“This is very difficult for any father or mother to see their son or daughter in that way, being violently attacked,” said the boy’s father.

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Damian and Ziggy should have a talk with Jimmy Cliff, so he could explain to them the heavy penalty he had to pay for performing in Apartheid South Africa. Ziggy and Damian should not get a free pass to participate in apartheid Israel.

Injustice is injustice; whether it is being perpetuated on the Black man, Brown man, Yellow man or White man. As the Nyahbinghi would say, “Death to all white and Black oppressors”.



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  1. After reading this article it’s pretty obvious that this trash site has no credibility whatsoever. Terrible article. Never reading this crap page again.

    • Yes it is a trash site. The owner has shielded his identity on whois and none of the bylines show authors names.
      I would suggest emailing the server at

      HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I was one of the earliest proponents of the state of Israel. Islamic militancy and it’s apologists have no room in the world of reggae and as we saw at Rototom are trying to hi-jack Jah music to further their own agenda so this article comes as no surprise.

      • the only abuse is coming from ignorant, fascists, colonists like you, trying to wipe out all INDIGENOUS people, freedom of opinion and free speech. shame on you, disgrace to humanity. chosen by no other than Satan.

    • wonderful article, spot on, they are both a complete disgrace and shame to humanity, as are all of Israeli supporters. they have blood on their hands. I boycott them both and have deleted all their content I owned. stuff that, I’m not listening to people who condone child killers, fascist, colonists…no thanks, id rather die than support evil.

    • Yes the truth hurts you scum bag. you are pathetic and ur comment is worse. you are talking like a fascist rat. plus you are miserably ignorant. you are a loser who supports war crimes and genocide, congrats on losing your humanity ff.

    • the truth hurts you trash bag. you are pathetic and ur comment is worse. you are talking like a fascist rat. plus you are miserably ignorant. you are a loser who supports war crimes and genocide, congrats on losing your humanity ff.

  2. Musicians are musicians, they are seldom gifted with insight into politics or economics. Bob Marley was very much an exceptional individual. It is a mistake to expect other artists who have followed in his wake should demonstrate his strength of faith, his intuition and insight, or even his artistic vision. I do not hold Ziggy and Damian to Bob Marley’s standard, but I would not speculate as to how “ashamed” brother Bob would be of them. He would not require them to be clones of himself certainly, he would probably have enjoyed them taking original paths of their own.

    • ya and make sure to close the door behind please, we don’t want Zionists roaming around with blood of Innocent Palestinians covering your evil hands

    • No wonder you find this gross cause you share the same wicked values of the Palestine occupiers, be ashamed of yourself!

  3. Plenty of room for legitimate criticism of Israel, but this article is shrift on facts on all sides. Is playing a concert in a country a complete endorsement of that country? That’s more than a little silly. And if it’s about enlightening and changing cultures, cultivating fire, how can one do that without getting into the culture a bit? In many ways it’s a great sign that there’s real interest in reggae in Israel. Too many walls, not enough common ground.

  4. As a writer who interviewed an international Reggae star from the UK, who seemed as if he should have been more aware of the ongoing diversity happening among the Reggae scene, I was surprised when this singer and talented man could not answer a simple question on culture. Music, after all, is culture. And, though I do not expect everyone to know about every single culture, I sensed an international music star could somewhat speak on some – particularly major ones, such as Los Angeles in the U.S. Now, granted, it is hard to speak on culture for a city like Los Angeles, aka Hollywood, aka the California Lifestyle, but I figured a musician would know a little from the industry, at the very least. All he could say was, “dude.” Is that disrespectful to Californians? It is definitely entertaining seeing how it is quite the stereotype.

    My point is that perhaps some entertainers know little about various cultures. Perhaps they see their job as simply performing and that is it – on to the next country or state, or continent. After all, most entertainers do not book their gig. It is up to their agent, manager, or PR representative. And, perhaps their booking agent is not aware of the type of festival happening, the politics associated with a certain country, or any other kind of conflicts or customary. It is up to those persons to be informed, though.

    The thing about Reggae, however, is that it has become worldly. Perhaps it is due to the ability to spread music instantaneously through technology, perhaps it is due to the type of emotions the music elicits, perhaps it is due to the identity it brings, or perhaps it is from choices the youth make. Either way, supporters should be grateful that it is spreading and uplifting lives. However, when politics are thrown into the music, the scene, and national identities, it seems to build various walls of opinion, differences, standards, disconnect, etc. It takes away from the overall message and feelings associated with such art. It becomes a commodity, and Reggae music cannot be just another commodity. Reggae must remain as art, culture, unity, and respect for one another and ALL cultures. Whether one wants to go to the heart/roots of Reggae, or simply acknowledge those who made, or make Reggae what it is today, we should not state such things as to say Bob Marley would be ashamed of his own sons. For, even if such statement does not pertain to their music, it is still disrespectful and has nothing to do with the ongoing issue between Israel and Palestine. Sure, we may form an opinion which states Damian and Ziggy should not have performed in Israel, but we should not find ways to justify why Bob Marley would be ashamed of his sons for their actions, which they may have also been unaware of, or have differing opinions of their own. Either way, let us not condemn each other, but help and honor one another through Unity and Respect. Let us not mix politics into such a beautiful art.

  5. So a parent would be ashamed of their child or children because as a entertainer they did a concert in a country that have some issues. Maybe the concert was in support or the people who are being oppress. This article is just ridiculous.

  6. I don’t support the fraud Israel and fake converts but if they must perform and bring light to the dark in every corner of the world. As artist of righteousness, they cannot choose one country over another because most places on this Earth is corrupt. What England or America is better? They would have no where to perform if they truly follow the BS. It’s even better to me that they bring music that will plant seeds in young minds and change some elders minds there.

  7. Ever man has the right to determine his disteny, Ziggy and Damien have the same right so don’t Judge.

  8. The presumption people develop in their tunnel vision…If you have the audacity to assume anything concerning what a deceased man’s view of his adults sons would be, and that would be shame, especially if that man is Bob Marley, you prove that you really have not the faintest idea how the man thought, which renders the portee of your article wholly worthless

  9. This article is TRASH! Have you ever been to Israel? I guess it is just the tears of Palestinian children that count though, right? Plenty of Israeli children cry because they have been orphaned due to terror. There is plenty of crying to go around. You have no humanity. You miss the message of Bob’s music completely. Nothing but a bigot/wolf hiding in sheep’s clothing…

  10. The message is the message. The Marley Brothers fully knew what they were doing as any other prophets who were instructed to go out and do things contrary to their own desires. Has anyone truly read any inspirational so called holy book ? Do I need to give you examples of such occurrences ? “We’ll free the people with music” Bob said so all of you overly opinionated lip babble bandits need to have a seat and do more to educate yourselves on civic , political and humanist studies !!!

  11. we African always blame others pointing fingers on others they deliver message to all people for them to know what their doing is not good to isolate Israel is not solution to them to stop evil but to tell them what Jah dislike can help change Bob visited babylon to deliver message that apartheid is not good on that time the whole babylon was supporting apartheid at the maximum but yet he was going around them and most of his concert was in babylon he was explaining them how apartheid is bad,war song was addressed to babylonian who make people to live in subhuman buffalo soldier so we can not judge Ziggy and Damian their on right way sending message to the responsible person it is right to tell them right way like BOB said to American Rasta do not follow CIA You have to speak to the right person right way don’t blame them

  12. Whomever wrote this article is clearly retarded, because that would mean, they should not perform in Jamaica, where there’s police brutality, Kids and women being raped and murdered, Classism, and political corruption.

    “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

    Oh, Bob Marley Said “One Love, One Heart” he came back to Jamaica and performed at a peace concert after a failed assassination, so again, please shut the Fxck up!!!

    • Are you really serious? What kind of logic are you enforcing here? Jamaica is an independent country rolled by its own people and whatever goes in there remains demostic. Palestine has been occupied since 1948 and its rightful owners have suffered like no other nation in our modern human history! Twisting facts reflects your short sight and evil intentions for the fact that you are trying to justify aggression and occupation. Palestine must be free and the cursed offsprings of the legend have sold their souls in vain.

  13. This article is stupid,
    All it shows is the writer and publisher anti-semetic altitude and ignorance of facts.
    If there something bob will ashame of is people like you who try to use bob to thier redicilous propoganda.

    • Shut the fuck up and end your brutal occupation of Palestine, the writer made it clear and you still can’t aknowledge the truth. The whole world aknowledges your lies and brutality and still you think you can escape the punishment!! Stealing a land and building on its soil and then killing its owners for more than 68 years and you still can’t see it !! Who is the retarded person here tell me if you dare to you wicked evil creature

  14. All those attacking this article are wicked and have no human heart or even consciousness, one said a country that has some ISSUES!!! Seriously? Wickec people came from all over the place in arms and brutaly occupied a country for the past 68 years leaving millions of innocent Palestinians tortured and wounded, sent to camps and deserts!! And you dare to say issues!!!! Boycott those immitated rastas who sold their souls for money and free PALESTINE

  15. The fact is that Israel is a state of terror for people of African origin and Palestinians. Even conscientious Jews them selves are organizing a divestment campaign because of the oppressive humanitarian condition in this apartheid state. They many groups like Jews for Peace who are at the fore front of the movement. All you have to do is go to youtube and type “Israel racist against blacks” and you will see a ship load of videos showing the overt racism against Africans in Israel. Lie if you will, but the proof is there. If you truly understood Bob Marley’s music, you’d be outraged as well. So go back to burying your head in the sand. You are not part of the struggle anyway. Reggae is not for you go and listen to Dorris Day. Reggae is more than music, it’s not just about a beat, bass line or a guitar rhythm. It’s a true art form with a strong message. The zionist loving post trashing this article fail to understand the double standards the writer was trying to point out. There was a reason why we boycotted apartheid South African in the 80’s but most of you apartheid loving people wouldn’t have been against the boycott proclaiming “the show must go on.” I know there will be zionist trolls making dumb comments, but go watch this videos and I dare you to dispute a word what I am saying.

  16. Why is Bob’s family embroiled in endless controversies? Something is wrong in this family.Look for the spiritual causes of stroke and you will get it. Their mother is suffering from a stroke!.
    As for the rasta movement,why do they appear so disorganised,with so many opposing doctrines,arguements…this movement is in chaos,confusion…
    God ,we call forth the fire of jugdement and purification,for all weak and wicked seeds to get weeded,to restore this movement to its dignified state so that they can finally make sense to all of us and continue with its Divine task of doing God’s Will.

  17. This is jugdement,time for children of the Dark to perish. For the children of God,to get into zion. Exodus time. Let us be watchful of everything we do, say think… lts JAH TIME

  18. Dont know about Ziggy or Damian Marleys apparent support for Israel. But anyone who thinks its ok to kick people out of their homes and subjugate them to inhuman living conditions because they arent of their people (conditions they wouldnt accept for themselves btw) is warped. A little bit of humility can go a long way. How would you feel if you, your parents, grandparents, and children lived in a refugee camp? Or if women of your race died giving birth at a checkpoint? But Palestinians are supposed to just accept it? No chance. And any state that supports oppression of this kind. How humane is it??

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