The World needs Reggae Gold 2020 now.

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18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
Reggae Gold 2020 has the message for these perilous times
Reggae Gold 2020 has the message for these perilous times

As the world seems to be spiraling out of control, there has never been a more urgent need for the healing and uplifting message of Reggae Music.

As COVID-19 and racial injustice rage not only in the United States but almost the entire world, Reggae Music is one of the best tools to unite people together. Human unity is a necessity if humanity is going to survive the current coronavirus pandemic and the racial tensions that are flaring up at an alarming rate.

Andrea Davis, the founder of International Reggae Day (IRD) stresses the importance of the songs that make up Reggae Gold 2020 and the importance of not only reggae fans but all people heed the messages contained in the songs.

“The world needs Reggae Gold 2020. It is a soundtrack for equal rights and justice and the fight for humanity to come together in one love. It is a teaching vehicle to awaken the consciousness of humanity and all the lessons Rastafari has been trying to teach to the world, and as the world begins to turn to these lessons, whether by force or an awakening, it’s only fitting that Reggae Gold 2020 is the soundtrack to usher in that shift,” she said. “The world is at a place where there has to be a change and Reggae Gold 2020 is the vehicle driving that change.”

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As the world celebrates IRD, Davis also stresses the importance of Reggae Music overall and how it has helped fight so many injustices all over the world. In fact IRD was inspired by the experience of South Africans during apartheid.

“It was a speech by Winnie Mandela when she visited Jamaica with her husband that inspired me. I was in the room while she spoke about the power of reggae music to help them fight apartheid, and that it was illegal in South Africa and that they had to use white labels to sneak records in, and cower in dark rooms listening to Bob Marley and Peter Tosh,” said Davis. “Whether you’re looking at resistance in Africa to apartheid, or the fight for black lives matter which is happening all over the world, reggae music is a part of the soundtrack for hope and change.”

Davis added that because of its ability to heal, reggae music has established itself as a special genre, incomparable to any other. She says that while Jamaica has been drifting to more dancehall and hip hop, Reggae Gold 2020 proves that real reggae music is still being made and it is still food for the soul that is essential in these trying times.

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“They say Reggae Music is the healing of the nation. They say it can soothe the savage beast and calm the mind, but Reggae Gold 2020 does that and more. It has a special role unlike any other albums released in 2020,” she said. “It is one that is not only powerful enough to move your feet, but it can move your heart and mind as well. And that philosophy that comes with it through the teaching of Marcus Garvey and Rastafari.”

She added, “It has become one of the main vehicles for the awakening that we are seeing around the streets of the world right now. Today, as we celebrate International Reggae Day, we just want to acknowledge the never-ending contributions of reggae music to the world and the fact that Reggae Gold 2020 is playing such an important role in that movement.”



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