Bob Marley Day Declared by the Grammy Museum.

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Bob Marley
Bob Marley

The Grammy has officially declared February 6, as Bob Marley day at the Grammy International Museum. This was recently disclosed by the Grammy director, Bob Santelli. While admitting that there was nothing special being planned to celebrate the icon’s 70th at this year’s Grammy Awards, set to take place at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles on February 8, Santelli said the Grammy Museum was nevertheless dedicated to commemorating the milestone in their own way. Mr. Santelli also said the following:

The Grammy Museum will mark the 70th anniversary of Bob Marley’s birth by proclaiming February 6 ‘Bob Marley Day’ at the Grammy Museum. Even with his passing more than 30 years ago, Marley’s music remains as powerful and as important as ever, and if Bob Marley were alive today, his music would continue to resonate around the world. Over the past year, the Grammy Museum has conducted numerous classes, teaching the music and legacy of Bob Marley to Los Angeles schoolchildren, and that has been highly successful. We’re also planning a new Bob Marley exhibit that will tour in the United States and Brazil in the coming months, so that is something to look forward to as well.

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This great tribute come a year after the Grammy Museum made the Bob Marley Museum at 56 Hope Road in Kingston, Jamaica an affiliate. Santelli says the partnership has been very positive and “…both museums will continue its partnership.”



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