Lisa Hanna has no value.

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Lisa Hanna
Lisa Hanna

The following is written by Richard Ho Lung and does not necessarily reflect the views of 18 Karat Reggae

TWO THOUSAND and fourteen was a year of great trials for Jamaica. Never have I seen such suffering, such poverty, such anger and desperation. The Government and press keep announcing growth and great hope for the economy. For the poor, the middle class and even the business class, there is fear, frustration, and an instinct to get away from the downward trend by leaving the island.

I do not know what the International Monetary Fund and the Government mean when they go forward with their plans oblivious of the despair that now saturates our nation.

With those of us who take the suffering of the poor seriously, we feel the endless anger and the great void when beggars and failing men, women and children have to be rejected because our usually generous people are no longer able to give. That our people still continue to smile and run joke, is an amazing miracle to those of us who decide to stay and live in Jamaica because of love. We will be here until the day we die.

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At the end of the year, amid all the scandals in Government, came the most disgusting of acts, which is being thrust down our throats by the media and liberal people without a moral compass.

Lisa Hanna, the new queen of politics, decided once again to grab the headlines. As we know, the media is always ready to look for excitement, whether it be vacuous or substantial.


Why would the minister of youth and culture, just short of complete nudity, strip herself down and post herself on social media in an obvious cry to the public through the media to call attention to herself? It is a desperate attempt at ‘Me, myself, and I’, the ego fearing loss of being forgotten by the public, by which Lisa Hanna is given her breath and life.

As a former Jesuit priest, we were all called to correct, reprimand, and be prophetic, whether hated and rejected or not. Truth is sacred to us – we will live and die for it. What we care about is the soul of the people, for when we die, the flesh corrupts, but the soul lives. Then we face our Maker, whether it be heaven or hell (and whether we believe in such verities or not).

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The minister of youth has clearly articulated for the youth what our future youth must be. Do you Jamaicans want your children to do what Lisa Hanna has done? If you wish them to be like her – worldly, secular and empty of any values but the self – then we are in for another Sodom and Gomorrah.

To me, Lisa Hanna is the disappointment of the year, our minister of youth and culture. I am reminded of Lucifer’s fall from heaven. I hope that our youth will not follow her example.

In the meanwhile, I hope she will amend her ways and turn her attention to our young people, poor and otherwise, who have lost meaning – not just material wealth – and are suicide-prone.

Fr Richard Ho Lung, is founder of the Missionaries of the Poor.



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  1. You need to cease trying to backpaddle away from wat u said about kaci. Yuh damn out of order and there’s no getting around that…as for ms lisa hanna’s picture, while I’m not a fan of her political style, I don’t see what the big issue is. So I guess politicians should not visit the beach and if they do, they must hide all evidence of such an venture because it is a cardinal sin. Such is life…there are more important issues to focus on than ms hanna’s “nudeness”

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