Where is Ishawna?

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It was only a few years ago that female deejay Ishawna was flying high in the dancehall world. Recently, however, not much has been heard from the diva music wise.

It is not certain if she is not making any music or her music is just not being played but what is certain is that her popularity has dropped tremendously since the release of her hit song “Equal Rights” a few years ago.

Ishawna was so popular that at the time of Lady Saw becoming a Christian and giving up her crown as the queen of the Dancehall, Ishawna’s name was among the list of females who were considered to be good enough to become the next queen of the genre. So it is astonishing that fans are hearing less from her these days. After all, her ex-boyfriend Foota Hype only charges 150 USD to play a song on his platform and surely he would give her some kind of discount.

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So why is Ishawna missing in action? Maybe she lost a lot of fans when she disrespected the late Jamaican icon Miss Lou by referring to her clothing as “table cloth”.

There are fans who still want to hear Ishawna, however. After all, she was good at her craft and she is also better looking than Shenseea.

So Ishawna, if you are still making music, reach out to 18 Karat Reggae because the fans are asking us about you. Maybe next year you could be featured on 18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021.

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