Buju Banton shows Vybz Kartel who is the real king.

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Buju Banton albun versus Vybz Kartel album
Buju Banton albun versus Vybz Kartel album

Vybz Kartel is the self proclaimed king of Dancehall Reggae, however, the deejay has never had a number one album. There is a saying that says “if you want to be the best, you challenge the best”, so when Kartel decided to release his new album “Of Dons and Divas” on the same day Buju Banton was releasing his album “Upside Down 2020”, he must have thought he would be killing many birds with one stone.

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If Kartel could beat Buju in album sales then he would show that he is really the king of the hill and put a stamp on his claim to the dancehall throne. If he could have beat Buju Banton in sales, he would also most likely get his first number one album, instead the world boss his stuck at number two like most of his other albums. Kartel also claimed that his album was worthy of the Reggae Music Grammy award but based on the reviews so far, it is Buju Banton and Lila Ike who are in the run for that award as of now.

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Buju Banton is not only top of the Reggae charts but the Rasta artist album is also at number six on the overall iTunes music chart. 70 percent of all music purchase in the world is done on iTunes, so it is safe to say the Gargamel had some serious sales on his album’s first day of release. Kartel’s album did not make it on the overall music chart.

It is easy to see why Buju Banton came out on top. The world is in a serious and crazy place right now. There is a revolution happening right before our eyes. The death of George Floyd had people searching for spiritual food and that’s what Buju’s album gives to them.

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Maybe things could change in the coming weeks but as of now, when it comes to Reggae Dancehall, Buju Banton is number one and Vybx Kartel is number two.



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