Diplo claims he had sex with Beyonce.

Diplo and Beyonce
Diplo and Beyonce

Music producer Diplo is claiming that he had sex with Beyonce while working in the studio together.

There have been many rumors that Jay Z has cheated on Beyonce after the two go married but there was never any talk if Beyonce returning the favor, until now. It is no secret that Beyonce had sex with Sean Paul but that was before the two got married.

We have reached out to Beyonce’s camp to confirm or deny the story but we have not gotten a response as yet.

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As for fans, some believe Diplo’s story while some do not.

“I believe she slept with him, it was probably when she was doing the song with ColdPlay which he produced. Good for her for giving Jay Z some of his own medicine,” one fan posted on social media.

“Diplo is lying, he clearly needs to be checked in to the nearest mental institution,” another fan posted on Instagram.



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