Reggae fans blame Damian Marley for Sizzla being kicked off Reggae on the River festival.

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Sizzla and Damian Marley
Sizzla and Damian Marley

Reggae fans are never pleased when the LGBTQ community has forced promoters to cancel entire reggae shows or remove certain artists from the show. This time, however, it is more hurtful because the company in charge of the show that has canceled Sizzla’s appearance is actually owned by fellow reggae artist and Rasta, Damian Marley.

Sizzla was scheduled to appear on Reggae on the River 2019 but after pressure from the homosexual community, he was kicked off the show. The “Praise Ye Jah” singjay has constantly been hounded by the homosexual community for his stance on homosexuality and a homophobic song he recorded almost two decades ago.

Despite protests from the LGBTQ community, Sizzla performed on Reggae on the River back in 2016 and he did not perform any homophobic lyrics or made any homophobic statements, in fact, his performance was the best at the festival that year.

In 2017, Damian Marley and group of investors bought High Times Magazine and in 2018 High Times took over the Reggae on the River Festival. That is why reggae fans are finding it strange that Sizzla was able to perform on the festival prior but now that it is owned by a fellow Jamaican and Rasta, he was kicked off the show. To further complicate matters, Damian Marley also has homophobic lyrics but he will be performing on the show and gays are not protesting his performance.

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At the Buju Banton Long Walk to Freedom tour in Guyana this past weekend, 18 Karat Reggae asked fans how they felt about Sizzla being kicked off a show by a company that is owned by Damian Marley.

“This is pure hypocrisy you know. Damian is a Rasta or at least he claims to be one, so he knows how Rasta views certain lifestyles. He owns High Times so he has the power to let Sizzla perform and he needs to step up and do the right thing,” one fan said.

Another fan thought gays protesting against Sizzla but not Damian Marley was not only hypocrisy but had the smell of racism.

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“Why are they harassing Sizzla the Black man but they don’t bother Damian Marley. It was Damian who said when Trench town man pop off and start clap it, funny men get dropped like bad it. It seems like these homos only have strength for black people pickney,” the fan argued.

An online petition has been started to urge High Times to reinstate Sizzla to the Reggae on the River lineup. Creators of the petition are asking all Reggae fans to please sign it and not allow the homosexual community to continue preventing reggae artists from making a living.

It is very strange that Sizzla performed Reggae on the River before Damian Marley’s company took control of it even though homosexuals were protesting but once Damian got involved they are succumbing to pressure from the LGBTQ community.

18 Karat Reggae made numerous efforts to get Damian Marley’s side of the story but we were unsuccessful.



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  1. There are some facts that need consideration regarding this article. Damian does NOT own High Times. He and 20 other investors own 60% of the magazine. That does not give Damian control over decision making. It is clearly one tiny investment for him. Do people really believe he is in the boardroom deciding whether Sizzla performs. I doubt it.

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