Homosexual community determined to destroy Reggae.

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Homosexual community boycotts Beenie Man
Beenie Man and Diana King

The organizers of the international reggae festival Raggamuffin were forced by the homosexual community to remove the “King Of The Dancehall”, Beenie Man, from its 2016 line-up.

Earlier this year, the homosexual community tried to ban numerous reggae acts from performing at a Canadian reggae festival. The artists they tried to have banned included: Wueem Ifrica, Capleton and I-Wayne.

This time the homosexuals tactic of hatred and grudge seems to have worked.

Beenie Man was removed following pressure from the New Zealand gay community.

Raggamuffin had included the Grammy Award-winning artiste after being assured that his past homophobic comments and lyrics had been retracted.

However, concerns were raised by popular New Zealand LGBT movement GayNZ forcing Raggamuffin organizers to seek clarity from the artist about his stance on homosexuality.

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It is reported that they offered Beenie the opportunity to publicly state his support of the gay community and retract his past lyrics.

However, Raggamuffin spokesperson Brotha D (Danny Leaoasavaii) said Beenie Man failed to answer questions about his past lyrics and his current stance on the gay community.

“ … based on this, we have removed him from the line-up,” the spokesperson said.

“We took the concerns of the gay community very seriously and sought to address them with Beenie Man. Raggamuffin is a family festival and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender or sexuality.

After being made fully aware of his past comments and lyrics, and continued homophobic attitude the Raggamuffin team made the decision to remove him from the festival line-up,” Leaoasavaii further stated.

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Beenie Man has been replaced by Jamaican reggae and reggae fusion artist Diana King.

The singer, whose chart-topping hits have included ‘Shy Guy’ and a cover version of Dione Warwick’s ‘I Say A Little Prayer’, is known as the first Jamaican artist to publicly come out as gay.

The homosexual community has continued to rage war on reggae artists, producers, promoters and the reggae community; which have severely damaged the Jamaican economy. The war the homosexuals are currently raging started over twenty years ago when dancehall music was ripe with anti-homosexual lyrics. Since then these lyrics have subsided to almost naught but the homosexuals have continued their relentless attack against the music.



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  1. Please replace beanie man’s lyrics so they target another marginalized group and see if you still think they’re ok:

    “Hang blacks/jews/rastas with a long piece of rope”
    “Tek a bazooka and kill black/jew/rasta-fucker”

    “Raging war on reggae artists”??? Please, they are just defending themselves and standing up to bigotry. They should be applauded…

  2. Who ever wrote this article is full of garbage. The war started because dancehall artists specifically started the war with gays, they made and continue to make their hatred of LGBT people very clear. No gay people ever went out of their way to say they think Jamaicans or dancehall artists should get there heads chopped off, that was dancehall who said all that. There are several songs that literally state “we have war against gays”. Actually, there are 200 plus songs based purely on the concept of killing gay people. It boggles my mind how Jamaicans and dancehall artists are still playing the victim like they have no clue where this comes from. No other musical genre EVER has been so persistent in speaking against gay people. PLUS, notice that no “reggae” artists are getting boycotted, its “dancehall” artists that have this problem because they started it. There’s a difference between the genres, and reggae artists rarely if ever call for some one to get there head chopped off or stomped to death. Dancehall artists started the war and now the gays WORLDWIDE will finish it. Plus, if you have to rely on playing to peoples most primal urge to kill to sell records, you are definitely a talentless hack doing nothing but harm to Jamaica, a country rampant with violence.

    • So basically you want reggea banned? Good luck with that as the back lash against gays will increase due to this as many people start to resist gays trying to force everyone into accepting them.

    • wow, this crazy!!! so if reggae feel that way about homosexuality, and fans like the.music, AND no physical war has been waged on homosexuals as a result of the music, whats the problem? like many other caribbeanand african nations homosexuality is not endorsed. Procreation and establishing family values is the African way. And it is not like singing a song about killing jews or blacks, because massive violence has taken place against jews and blacks already. ive never heard of the homosexual holocaust or homosexual slavery. Black people put self degrading songs every, kill the nigger, kill the bitch, i listen to a few, but i wont go out there to look to kill anybody as a result. so everyone needs to chill and enjoy the music.

    • If you do not understand or take time to understand a culture and spout off about starting war’s & who will finish it. ….!
      Most are afraid to state the truth, we don’t like sodomites, keep out of reggae music business. ..

    • You don’t get it do you? Dancehall artists have moved on from those songs but gays are still hell bent on destroying the genre. The reason being, they want Jamaica to accept their lifestyle, so they too can come to the country as tourists ad do as they please? The church is worst than reggae as ever been against gays, why don’t you guys boycott the church?

  3. Probably the same people who changed their profile picture to say Je Suis Charlie… Free speech is only for scum like Katie Hopkins and Geert Wilders to bash Muslims and drowning refugees… I advocate for a world where everyone can say what they like even the most despicable things. If its words you have a brain you challenge the ideas but you do not prosecute speech. I think Katie Hopkins should be free to write and say her fuckry and so must every artiste. If you disagree boycott, write a song or article or draw a cartoon to challenge the idea. But all humans have a right to travel work and say whatever the fuck they like. Speech must be protected. Only idiots fail to realise how the fuckry they write can come back to bite them

  4. Reggae music at its best is all about consciousness, raising up your people and your minds. Yet dancehall’s unhealthy focus on the activities of consenting adults is a sign of a distraction from this aim.

    I am not gay, but gratuitous homophobia (gratuitous in that it is not the theme of the song) squeezed into otherwise great musichas ruined many tracks for me. This is in addition to the huge number of tracks which focus directly on attacking people who are lgbt.

    Why is music being used to attack when it should be used to heal?

  5. Or maybe the hate in some of the reggae community has come to bite them in the ass. Cannot blame others for your actions. They say One Love, but don’t mean it. People are just sick and tired of bigotry.

  6. I don’t if you guys are familiar with dancehall and sound clashes but most times those songs are not directed at the gay community. It’s one sound system means of overthrowing it opponent by calling the other deejay gay,a batty- man or whatever,these lyrics are directed to him, not a gay person. Reggae is the overall fraternity but dancehall is a part of reggae.I think the lgbts are making an issue out of something they don’t fully understand. If you listen the song boom bai bai, it say promoter and his sound man must die. That,s the promoter of the opposing sound and its followers, and I can guarantee none of them are gays. Since 1930 the Rastas have red,gold and green as their religious flag, why would the lgbt choose to incorporate these in their colours in the same sequence knowing they are opposing forces?

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