Mr. Bertus takes Reggae back to the SKA days and it sounds so good.

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Mr. Bertus - Brain Food
Mr. Bertus - Brain Food

In 1968, SKA was still the main musical sound coming out of Jamaica. One of the biggest hit songs of that year was “Pretty Looks” by The Heptones. SKA would eventually morph into Reggae Music but here we are in 2020 and reggae artist, Mr. Bertus has decided to take Reggae Music back to the days of SKA but with a 21st century Reggae Music feel.

In his new song entitled “Brain Food”, Mr. Bertus sings on a makeover of the same beat that The Heptones recorded Pretty Looks on.

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The song is beautifully put together with strong lyrical content and a gospel music melody.

Brain Food will be officially released on August 9th and will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube and all other music platforms.



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