Macka Diamond leads D’Angel and Ishawna as the most popular Jamaican on OnlyFans.

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Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond

“Granny say she old but she nuh cold” is a popular Jamaican saying and it is exactly what dancehall star, Macka Diamond, is proving as she lets her fans see an old foot getting the cow foot.

Vybz Kartel turned Dancehall into pornhall and now the coronavirus is turning female dancehall stars into porn stars. As touring and live shows grind to a halt because of restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Dancehall artists Ishawna, D’Angel and Macka Diamond have turned to the social networking platform, OnlyFans, in order to continue making a living.

While it is not surprising that all three beautiful Jamaican women are successful on the site, it is very surprising that Macka Diamond is the most successful of the three. The Cow Foot deejay is leading D’Angel and Ishawna in terms of subscribers and revenue earned.

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Normally when it comes to selling sex, younger women tend to do better than their older counterparts. So it is difficult to explain why Macka is leading the deejay pack on the X-rated website. It could be that men (and in some cases women) just find her more sexy and beautiful or it could be that content is just more raunchy. While D’Angel and Ishawna have a lot of sexy and nude photos on their profiles, Macka took it to another level by actually releasing a sex tape. Yes, for fans who want to see old foot getting the cow foot they can subscribe to Macka’s OnlyFans.

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For those who do not know, Macka Diamond was actually Lady Mackerel back in the 80s. That means when Macka was performing on stage shows, Ishawna was not born yet.

While this is great for Macka, it does not look too good for Ishawna or D’Angel. Men are using their money to say that a woman old enough to be their mother is actually sexier than them.



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