Jamaican Reggae artiste supports Gucci.

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Dexta Daps supports Gucci
Dexta Daps supports Gucci

Reggae artistes from Jamaica have lately been finding themselves on the wrong side of the human struggle for justice, respect, dignity and equal rights around the world. The latest in this continuing trend is dancehall reggae superstar, Dexta Daps, coming out in support of Gucci after most people in the Black community have decided to boycott the racist corporation.

Last week, Gucci pulled an $890 black, high balaclava turtleneck which featured a cartoonish blackface with thick, red lips around the mouth cut-out.

The Gucci turtleneck sparked wide outrage not only in the Black community but among all ethnicities. Many, including celebrities have decided to boycott Gucci.

Dexta Daps who burst on the scene a few years ago with the reggae dancehall classic “Shabba madda pot” has decided that he will not be part of the boycott. Instead the Jamaican posted a photo on his Instagram promoting Gucci. When asked why he was not supporting the boycott, Daps responded that he was into “girls cut” and not “boys cot” as if the Black struggle is nothing but a joke or a punch line.

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“…Mi na dash wey mi belt mi have it 2 long… F#ck wat U N Gucci think..,” Dexta Daps said.

It is not known whether Daps was paid by Gucci to post the picture or if it was done by his own free will. Calls to Gucci by 18 Karat Reggae were not immediately returned.

This is not the first that reggae artistes have shown that they are not interested in the struggle of human equality, despite the lyrics in their songs. While international artistes like Lorde and Lauryn Hill have boycotted Israel for their inhumane treatment of the Palestinian people, many of the so-called Rastas from Jamaica have continued to support the oppressive regime.

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Whether Dexta Daps is being or not in his support of Gucci, one thing is for certain, neither Shabba nor Shabba mother can be proud of Dexta Dap’s actions.



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