Dreams, Fishes and Pregnancy.

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There is a belief in Jamaica and other Caribbean Islands; well I should not call it a belief as it has been proven to be a fact over and over again in my family. Out of the blue the entire family will start calling each other asking: “Are you pregnant”; “Is your wife pregnant”; “Is your girlfriend pregnant”. What triggers these chain phone calls is the fact that someone in the family has just had a dream about fish or fishes. It has never failed, whenever this happens, sure enough someone in the family is pregnant, either a blood relative or an in law.

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I am not sure what the relationship is between pregnancy and fishes. Maybe it is because fishes live in water and when a baby is in the mother’s womb it is in water. But I do know when someone in my family dreams about fishes a new addition to the family will be arriving anywhere from eight to nine months.

So is this something that is also true in other cultures?

For the mothers: Did anyone dream about fishes when you were pregnant?

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What are some of the dream symbolism in your culture?



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  1. I’m American born and raised my mom also. She would always know when someone in our family was pregnant because she would have dreams of fish. Every time she said it someone was indeed pregnant.

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