A United States of Africa is needed.

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There is nowhere on mother earth that is as rich with natural resources as Africa, yet there is nowhere on earth where the people suffer from poverty as Africa. I often find myself asking myself why. The obvious answer is that the continent was robbed naked by the colonial nations, not only of its natural resources but also of human resources.

I have to wonder, however, when will we get over the hurt, trauma and pain and start rebuilding what the west destroyed? Why are we depending on Babylon to rebuild it for us, when the truth is, if they wanted to see a great Africa they would not have destroyed it in the first place. Why is Africa not benefiting from her natural resources the same way the Middle East and Venezuela benefit from their oil? Why are African nations begging Babylon for their crumbs and spare parts when these other places are pretty much telling Babylon to “fuck off”.

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I am not saying we need to lose our humility and start calling leaders of other Nations “devils” or blasting off our missiles but we do need to demand respect. Take a look at China and India; they too were victims of imperialism, although not as harshly as Africa, but today Babylon is scared of both of those countries military and economic power. Today they are basically taking back what Babylon took from them.

This is the status that Africa needs to move to, but to get there it will take Unity. Africa should become one Country and in the words of Garvey “One God, One Aim, One Destiny” with a “One Love” added of course. On top of that Africa should have full control of all her resources. Instead of being militant against each other, they should be militant against the outsiders who are pillaging her resources.



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