Did Babylon kill Bob Marley?

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Bob Marley
Bob Marley

I was watching “When the Levees broke” on HBO with the now imprisoned former New Orleans mayor, Ray Nagin. He stated that, when he started telling the truth about Katrina and the reason for the Governments slow reaction, he was actually afraid that the CIA might come and get him, inject him with something and in a few weeks he would be dead. When I heard that, I thought to myself, “is he serious”? As I began to think about whether or not Ray Nagin was just being paranoid, I remembered Yasser Arafat. He was the Palestinian PLO leader who suddenly got a mysterious illness and was dead a few days later. Then as I thought of what Ray Nagin said, I thought of Yasser Arafat and couldn’t help but to think of Bob Marley.

For the most part, it has been accepted that Bob Marley died of cancer. However, in the reggae and Rastafarian community there have always been a lingering doubt. I remember as a child my father used to always play Papa Biggy’s music (Papa Biggy is a reggae/dancehall artist who was around way before the late Big Poppa aka Biggy). Papa Biggy had a song called the Exploitation of Black people where he chanted:

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Under Martin Luther King dem fling gunshot
Dem throw Marcus Garvey in prison to keep him quiet
Dem catch Bob Marley in a medical trap

Pappa Biggy is not alone in this line of thinking. It has been said that Bob Marley received a pair of boots as a gift, but the boot was rigged with a needle that injected poison into his toes. It is also believed that the doctors that were supposed to treat this illness were actually injecting more poison into him. The doubt of exactly how Bob died was further echoed by Sizzla Kalonji in Praise ye Jah:

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A nuh Malcolm X or Martin Luther dis
A Sizzla wha come fi trick all a yu tricks
I see Bob Marley rise and unu kill the prophet

Reggae artists are not the only ones who voiced their suspect for Babylon, but Lauren Hill also rapped:

And the fuzz treats bros like their manhood never was
And if youre too powerful, you get bugged like Peter Tosh and Marley was

I have been told by elders in the Rasta community that not only was Redemption song the last song on Bob Marleys last album, but it was the last song he performed for an audience. This is the song in which Bob asked:

How long shall they kill our prophets
While we stand aside and look?

Prophetic indeed!



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  1. I truly believe they did, The Skipper was the most powerful man on the planet, Skinheads of England loved HIM, gangs of New Zealand loved HIM, bikers in Belgium and Germany loved HIM, white folk in Missisippi loved HIM, Ziggy once asked,” how many nations did Dad contact?” Well Ziggy the whole world knew who the “Tuff Gong” was. This man who sang of the injustices and the oppression that not only Africans faced but every down trodden person on this earth has faced from this capitalist shitstem, was a hero, a devine light in the darkness, our hope, our Moses, our Ghandi!!!!!!. He gave us faith and a belief in ourselves that with love unity and determination we can live righteous full lives as real life human beings. He showed us that one man from a tiny island in the Carribean Sea can shake this world to its very foundations with truth, honesty and integrity, He showed us nothing is impossible.Just like King David, The Hon Robert Nesta Marley showed us through music and lyric that we all are one nation under god…..and this is why I feel in my soul that they crucified HIM like they did Jesus Christ…..PS I do not share the Christian faith, Muslim faith, Buddist faith or The tooth fairy faith,my faith is in the old Maori God of AOTEAROA New Zealand….pps I also feel they got to another great man, “The Greatest” Mohammad Ali.

  2. Bob was not a victim.He was a conquerror. He gave his life for truth. He was a “Buffalo soldier”.He was and he is. Believe in! it’s not a war he declared! “this could be the first trumpets”!But only he knows. Jah Rastafari.

  3. MARLEY was one of great spiritual souls to have ever touch this earth.he brought the struggle of the black man in to the living rooms of white people at a time of injustice and oppression.
    Babylon dem no build great man.dem only killed great man.
    They have been doing this since the beginning of mankind.

  4. Bob Marley is a prophet. He led me to Jah and Jah love. I wish the word would embrace his music as hymns of praise as well as enjoyment. The world lost a spiritual leader who had the potential to change the world. It would not surprise me if Babylon did kill him, he was so lovingly powerful and peaceful, a force so strong. God hold him and keep him. RIP.

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